“Success Is Inevitable”

“This whole thing comes down to your character. Are you an entrepreneur or are you not? Or are you just an opportunity seeker? Do you have what it takes to be successful in Internet Marketing? These are questions you need to answer for yourself if you want to be successful in this field.

“Take action, take action…. Take action… but in the end… all the advice about taking action is worth nothing if they don’t teach you HOW to get yourself to act.”

James Yii – The ShortCut

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I just read James Yii’s The ShortCut and I was impressed at the simplicity of his message, yet how powerful it is.  So often, new marketers are convinced to purchase a course because of the “Easy Money”, yet do nothing after they get it because they see how much work that “Easy Money” is really going to take.

James takes a different approach. He vows to help you take the courses you have purchased and short circuit the thoughts and emotions that cause you to fail.  In fact, his Mind Hack volume gives you the exact formula for destroying the obstacles in your way to succeeding.

I saw exactly what was happening to me as I was working the last year at Sam’s Club and how my mind was forcing me out of there.  I was constantly telling myself how my job was costing me income and my mind made sure that it happened in just that way.

Had I read The ShortCut last year, instead of today, I would have known how to harness that thought process to help me earn more because of my job instead of earning less.  So that when I left my job, I would not have had that intense struggle to

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overcome the financial distress I had placed myself in.

Now, of course, I have a plan in place and it is working.  Having read The ShortCut sooner would have put me at this place with much less stress and friction.  I am using my newly gleaned techniques to choose a new home and new cars… Thank you James!

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