A product that you can create in a weekend is great for making a name for yourself, and even making yourself some money, but don’t expect to make millions from a product you slap together in a weekend.

You want to deliver content in any product you create, otherwise, you will get poor reviews and find yourself not making sales of your future products.  The goal for your first few products is to establish that you are a quality product creator, and you want to get those products into the hands of as many people as possible.

To accomplish that goal, make the product a lower price point.  I am not a big fan of $7 products, but I created one myself, because I need to establish my customer base as quickly as possible.  In fact, I will be releasing a product about creating audio products as soon as I can get the sales page finished.  Remember that these products are just the opening to your marketing funnel.

After these products have been selling for a little while and you have a customer base of 500 or more, you want to start working on some larger scale products.  A video series on how to do something that you are good at is always a winner.  Although if your claim to fame is eating cheese curls on the sofa while watching football, you may not get many buyers of that product.  Do some research and find out if people are searching for the keywords that you are going to be targeting.

One of the products I have been promoting this week is one by Alex Sysoef called Web 2.0 Wealth Unleashed and he takes you step by step through his process of making money on his blogs.  He took almost a month in preparation of his more than 4 hours of video training.  He covers a lot of ground and makes it very easy to follow along.

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