I write a lot in the course of a year.  I write blog posts, ezine posts, reviews and emails to my customers.

You Replied?

I sent out an email this morning to all of my subscribers, people who for one reason or other asked to be on my email list because of a product or service in which they were interested.

What was weird about this email was the reply I received.

One lady (I give her the benefit of the doubt) replied to my email with an advertisement for a shady Bernie Madoff type ponzi scheme that was guaranteed to double (no triple) my money in a few days.

There was no greeting, like: “Hi Micheal, thanks for the great download link to Mr. Ebay’s call from Monday night, I will be listening to it later tonight.  But in the mean time, I thought you might be interested in looking this over and letting me know if you think this is a legit opportunity.  I already invested some money in it, but I thought that since you are already doing well enough to have left your job, that you might have some idea as to whether I am on the right track with this.”

No, the subject made it look like a reply, but the email launched right into the sales pitch for the scam without acknowledging that I might be interested in this or that it was something she was doing.  BAM! In my face with the full marketing power that instantly attracts my fingers to the delete button.

So I emailed her back…

What do you think I told her?  Right, I said:

“The fact that you subscribed to my ezine does not give you the right to spam me.”

I did add a little more, like that I do my best to offer advice to my students on how to go about contacting others and building relationships in order to find people to partner with, to joint venture or to find prospects and leads.  But nowhere in my training is spamming the people whom I register to get information from a viable method.  Somewhere, someone is teaching this.  I know, I remember the ebook about 10 years ago.  Written by a marketer who no longer has ANY credibility in the marketplace.

Want To Be Like That?

I don’t want to rant about this.  But I want to warn you.  If you want to be known as the person to avoid, keep doing that.

I teach that you want to be known as a person of integrity, that your relationship with your readers is number one in your mind when you start your business.  Your community is your goldmine, because they will be your best affiliates, your best prospectors and your best friends!  A raving fan is what you want to develop out of everything that you do.

So when you sign up for someone’s ezine, this is someone that right now has a resource that is useful to you (or at least potentially so)…  They have information that can help you.  They have a list to whom they can recommend you.  That alone is worth thousands of dollars!  One strong recommendation can build your credibility 100 times better than an autoreply…

Epic Failure

When a new marketer hits the scene, what do you do before you buy what they are selling?  Google.

When you see the raving reviews from everyone, then you say, ok, this person is legit, I can invest my money with them.  But what happens when that person is spamming everyone who is anyone – like people with huge lists?  Do you think their name is going to be associated with raving reviews?

Who Brought The Rants To The Picnic?

More like a bunch of rants…  The web is a place that will quickly and effectively kill the chances of anyone succeeding by the simple post of one’s name associated with a negative comment.  Say Bernie Madoff were to try and start a new matrix online… promising a return on investment of 20%.  Would you buy into it?

I would sure as heck look up his name and see what people are saying about him.  The suicides from people who lost everything they had should be enough to warn you away from him.

But do we want to have our names associated with negativity?


Try fixing a negativity barrage on the Internet.

Do you know how many people you have to get to post positive things about you to make even one negative comment about you disappear?  Ask the ebay powersellers who have to start over when they screw up.

The Morality Of The Story

The point I am trying to make is easy.  Don’t screw up your chance at success by pissing off everyone who has the ability to make your life a living hell online.

Become the person that everyone wants to work with.  Learn from the people who are where you want to be.  Find a mentor who is already where you want to be, not where you are or below.  You will be known as someone who is teachable, polite and ethically sound.  Much better than ethically challenged!

So as you make your plans for 2009 and beyond, remember that relationships are the key to opening the door to a more complete life.  Without friends, you are going to be lonely.  Without customers, you are going to be broke.  Without a good reputation, you will find it difficult to find friends and customers.

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