Harris Fellman always tells it to me straight, when he is
discussing business with me.  He doesn’t sugar coat it,
he just lets me have it.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

When you want to create a product, you want to get it
done.  Don’t wait until the moon is lined up with the stars
and the chickens are all dancing the macarena (although
that is a good time to create a video) to start.

Creating your product takes Massive, Focused Action!

You block off a time or a series of times when you can
lock yourself in the office (I can’t do that, because other
people have to use the bathroom) and work on nothing
but your product.

When I was in Atlanta and Harris discussed that with us,
I just gave myself that V8 slap on the forehead and
thought to myself, that is exactly what it takes.

Last week while I was trying to get my email caught up,
I took a break and started surfing and soon found myself
posting some comments and within a few minutes I
received notification that I had an optin to the list I had
just promoted in the comment I was leaving…

A light went off!  Great product idea ahead.  I jotted down
my notes for the product idea and soon had it fleshed out
into a special report.  My mind was focused and I acted on
the idea and before I knew it I had a product I could sell,
and a sales page and download page ready to go.

The moral of this story is when you get an inspiration,
and you have the time, write everything down that you
can think of right then.  Next plan when you are going to
set time aside to flesh it out.


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie, MCSE

PS – I just got a call from Keith Wellman’s office about
a workshop he is having on profit creation, which is the
logical next step to product creation.

Imagine the kind of business turnaround you can have
when you have one on one time with marketing masters
like Keith…

You can be one of the next marketing masters.  Just use
your time wisely, take notes when you get ideas (don’t
prejudge ideas, you might get an insight from it if you
write it down anyway, even if you think it is stupid at
the time) and take massive focused action.

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