Get Free Traffic As A Bonus!

Pure Leverage is pretty amazing. It does for you 4 of the 5 things you need to make money online! So as a bonus, I am going to fill that missing item.

To make money you need to:

  1. Have a professional lead page!
  2. Drive Traffic.
  3. Collect The Lead.
  4. Follow Up With The Lead.
  5. Collect The Sale!

Well, Pure Leverage has the lead page. They have the autoresponder for collecting the lead. They have the follow up emails already created. And they have the merchant account to collect the sales and pay the people who made the sales.

All you have to do is drive the traffic. And you can actually do that from within the Pure Leverage members area with Solo Ads and Media Buys.

I am going to address the traffic with my bonus. I own, an advertising exchange. Everyone who signs up through my link will receive 50,000 advertising credits to advertise whatever they want. But I have an even bigger bonus for those who become resellers.

Resellers will receive 100,000 advertising credits in addition to the 50,000 from the previous bonus. VIP resellers will receive a Platinum Membership for as long as they remain a VIP reseller in Pure Leverage.

To make this even sweeter, I will give you the ability to offer this bonus to your own customers! When you become a VIP reseller in my group, I will give everyone who signs up under you the same bonuses I am giving the people who sign up using my link. I will have you send me the info, you sign them up under you in when you get your affiliate link (so you can earn even more credits) and I will upgrade their account.

Sign up now:

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