I am preparing a project that is going to 
reveal how to create a special newsletter.

This newsletter will make an offer for one
product each week.

The Paid members will be downloading 
the product each week, at no extra charge.

While the Free members will be offered
to purchase the product.

What do you think?

I will be showing everything on a webinar
series for only $9.97

You can’t reserve your spot now, but 
you can let me know what you think…

Just comment below.

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – One thing you will need for this to
work is an autoresponder service.

The one I recommend is GVO, since they have
a starter package that costs less than $10 a
month and it includes hosting.


But if you want to go with Aweber, then you
are welcome to use them:


You can find other choices for hosting, which
will be useful for you when you set up squeeze
pages and landing pages. I will also show you
how to set up redirects for your links.

If you use JVPress GoPages for your links, you
will find that you get very good SEO for all of
your links.



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