When I first learned this method, I was floored at the power behind it.

You set up a teleconference, call the expert in the field that you are developing
a product in and ask him (or her) some questions. They spill their guts, you
record the whole thing, create a paid membership website, and sell thousands
of memberships.

Instant Product.

But then I actually tried to do this on my own. I interviewed Matthew Glanfield
live on a teleseminar line and Matthew recorded it for me, because I didn’t have
the recording capability yet
. So immediately, that presented me with a problem.

Teleseminar lines are available anywhere, but the recording capability is an
added expense and you need to be sure that it is as foolproof as possible to avoid
errors like forgetting to start the recording. Nothing sucks worse that asking
some of the best questions a guest has ever been asked and hearing the best
content ever produced only to find out later that you hadn’t started the recording.

Or, when you do solve that problem, and have a beautiful recording but you didn’t
break any new ground in your questions. Your expert simply went on and on with
his canned pitch, because you didn’t challenge him to break out the nuggets of
information your customers are starving for.

I learned that you need to have the right system in place. You need to know what
to do, when to do it and what questions to ask. I am teaming up with Matthew
Glanfield and Heather Vale to help you create a product producing factory that
will have you developing more products than you can sell yourself. Your
subscribers will never want to leave you because you have the best teleseminars
and they get more content for their membership in your website than in all of
those products they pay thousands for.

First, Matthew Glanfield is training you in the art of product creation using the
. Matthew is one of the best teachers on the web today. His
information is delivered concisely in an easy to understand manner. He uses
teleseminars and videos to take you by the hand and walk you step by step
through the entire process of creating a product from concept to finished
product using the teleseminar model.

Then, Heather Vale will reveal her most closely guarded secrets that have made
her the Interviewer of Choice
for people like Ken McArthur of Clear Impact
Media. Heather knows interviews, she’s been in front of the camera on television
and on her own series of “Unwrapped” web videos where she interviews
successful people and experts. In Interviewing Unwrapped, Heather actually
interviews top interviewers about their interviewing techniques, question
preparation and followup. She has created the must have course for the person
interested in interviewing on teleseminars or videos.

Finally, you can get my video training series that will walk you through the
steps you need to start your own membership website using WordPress Blogs
and a $25 plugin
. You can get the training for only $37 and be in business in
a few short days for less than $100 out of pocket.

In summary, Heather Vale and Matthew Glanfield reveal their secrets to you
in depth, with the exact “how to” step by step methods to transform your
business from a hobby to a profit factory.  Then, I show you the low down on
developing a membership website without hundreds of dollars of overhead –
so you can be “in profit” instead of “in debt.”

Here are the links for the products mentioned in this article:

Take advantage of these amazing offers, because they aren’t going to be
this cheap forever!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie, MCSE

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