As you know, I am in the process of revamping Extreme Product Explosion and I am getting ready to launch My Blogging School! This is a lot of work, but I am having a blast, because I am home with my family!

But my work is not done… many families are struggling with the state of our economy.

On a side note. I am not one of these guys who will preach to you that our economy is in a recession or heading into a depression.  But oil prices were a serious drag on the economic ability of a lot of businesses to continue operating the way they had been.

I walked through the Crystal River Mall today after watching Quantum Of Solace and saw a lot of empty shops.  The first businesses to be hit by high gas prices are those that are paying the high rent of a mall.  People do not go out as much, and when they do, they have a little bit less to spend than they usually had, because their gas tank sucked their wallet dry.

Business has to be able to adapt to a changing world.  Many companies are laying off workers that are now irrelevant, because they have phased out an entire division.  Companies are firing people that they used to hang on to, because they could afford to, even if those workers were non-productive.

Part of my business model is to help businesses adapt by harnessing the power of the Internet to increase customer loyalty and add to revenue in unexpected ways.  If a business creates a blog to bring awareness to their cause, they are generating word of mouth advertising, but if they also have infoproducts that they can sell online, and those products happen to be viral, all of a sudden you have a huge cashflow coming from an advertising source!

Businesses don’t always have time to create their own infoproducts,

Mother Of All Firesales…

You don’t have to resort to eating bugs to make it online!  You can tell I am somewhat successful, because I spit the bug out… If I had been really having hard times, I would have kept that baby… gotta get nutrition any way you can, right?

Vince Tan contacted me about a Firesale that he is having.  He assembled a LOT of marketers to submit products that they are actually selling… PLR, MRR and personal use products that you can use immediately. It took him over 4 months of wheeling and dealing to get that many partners.

What I am talking about is well over $9000 worth of products in one location that you will be able to buy for less than 1/10th what you would pay if you went to everyone’s site and purchased.  And none of these are crap.  I mean we have people like Donna Fox, Paulie Sabol, Michael Green and more big names all on board with this because they want to help make history when the Biggest Firesale goes live on Tuesday, November 18th!

Since I want to make some big waves in the JV Contest, I am planning on giving away some BIG BONUSES to the first 50 who buy The Biggest Firesale via my link!

  1. Your choice of products FREE from this page:
  2. Your choice of 2 more products for $5 from this page:

  3. 6 Months Silver Membership to Extreme Product Explosion and then reduced subscription price of only $10 per month! Normally $17 per month.
  4. A Coupon For $30 off the price of the Back To School Firesale (reopened only for the duration of the Biggest Firesale) you can see the August 18th end date! I reopened it, because with these bonuses, you are going to have a major business ready to go!
  5. 2 Months Of FREE Coaching from me personally! AND, if you choose to continue having my guidance in your business, you will save $30 per month ($67 per month instead of $97 per month) for continued coaching.

So lets add this up:

  •  The price of the FREE product #1 is and average of $37 (depending on which one you choose).
  • The savings from the 2 $5 products is approximately $50 (it depends on which products you choose).
  • 6 x $17 = $102 for 6 months of Extreme Product Explosion Silver Membership plus an additional savings of $7 per month after that. Let’s say another $21… so this bonus is worth $123!
  • The next is worth $30. But the product value is unlimited…
  • And finally 2 months of coaching is worth $194 plus $30 per month after that.  So let’s assume $90 for a total coaching package worth $284!
  • $37 + $50 + $123 + $30 + $284 = $524!

So this is a huge bonus that has the potential of taking your business to the next level and beyond, because the only way you could fail with this many products is if you did absolutely nothing!

This is the closest thing to a recession buster bonus that I have ever put together.  In fact I am exhausted after spending the last few days trying to find these bonuses and figuring out whether you could use them!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – You can claim your bonus by using my helpdesk at

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