My friends Willie Crawford and Sohail Khan are offering 30 people the chance of a lifetime. For $10,000 each, these 30 people will be trained to become certified Joint Venture Brokers, each of which will get handed a Joint Venture project as soon as the training is done. In return for this, the trainees will be assisted until they earn $100,000 in JV Broker commissions.

This is what Willie and Sohail call the JV Broker PHD program, because once finished, each trainee will be certified to be able to handle joint ventures from anyone. They will know how to do it, and they will have access to the same resources that makes Willie and Sohail so much money.

But why would they do this?

Aren’t the trainees going to be competing with Willie and Sohail for future business?

Willie Crawford and Sohail Kahn with a new JV Broker Graduate

Willie Crawford and Sohail Kahn with a new JV Broker Graduate

The answer is simple, both Willie and Sohail are already overworked with joint venture offers that they could stop accepting them today and still be busy for the rest of their lives. This will give these JV Brokering Experts a much needed relief valve for them to send the flood of offers coming their way! With 30 new JV Brokers, Willie and Sohail will have lots of people to turn to when they get JV clients that need someone to help them get a launch going.

Willie Crawford On Facebook

Willie Crawford on Facebook

Obviously, Willie knows about Joint Ventures, he has been a JV Broker for years, and is well known around the world as an expert in getting Joint Ventures done. Sohail Khan has also been doing Joint Ventures for a long time, and he started out across the Atlantic, in the UK. So with their combined skills, they are creating a JV Brokering army of professional JV Brokers. Watch out for the next wave of trainees:

Sign up now because 15 of the slots are already taken!

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