A lot of new product launches this year have been getting TORN APART in the forums. I hate when I tell people about a product and then I find out it is total crap, don’t you?

So I have been buying all the products that I can’t get JV access to. And since my numbers have been dropping, less people are offering me their products to test out before they launch.

But I buy it and then I put it to the test.

Well, yesterday I bought Amazing Widgets from Bryan Winters. I started telling people about them, because I thought they were really cool. In fact, I placed one in the post I did yesterday.


So here is the deal.

When you purchase The Amazing Widget, you are offered an upgrade that makes a lot of sense, they offer you graphics and premade ads for some HOT clickbank products. But here is where I am already thinking that this widget could be a LOT better.

I mean, why stop with Clickbank products? Look at all the Rapid Action Profits (RAP) products that can make you instant commissions straight to your paypal account?

The widgeteer software will only accept clickbank hoplinks, and that means that people using those masked links will not be able to put their links in them. Part of the reason for this is another amazing benefit for the Amazing Widget.

Viral Commissions

As you can see, the X-factor link in the members area means that if someone buys the product from your x-factor link, their widgets will sometimes have YOUR Clickbank ID in the hoplink instead of the owner’s. Not a significant portion of the time, but enough to put your affiliate links on a LOT of websites in a very short time.


==> http://top7onlinescams.com/widget

This is a *totally* fresh and new software system that is literally going to change the landscape of FREE affiliate traffic and income getting methods.

Mark my words on that.

JUMP on this while there’s still time

If you don’t need cloaked links and are wanting to increase your Clickbank Commissions, this is something that could make a big difference in your business. Just follow Bryan’s blueprint.

Blog Blueprint Is Live!

After checking this out, I can finally give you a partially informed idea about blog blueprint. I did not get a chance to try out the software that comes with the blueprint, but I can tell you that if you can purchase access to the blog installer, theirs is definitely the best of the ones I have tested out in the last 4 weeks.

Of all the blog installers, Gsneak, Autoblog Samurai and Stealth Profit Machines, the installer in Blog Blueprint allows you the most secure blog installation software you will find. It requires you to log in to their members area to use it, but that is about the only major drawback.

All of the top plugins for autoblogging are automatically installed and configured for you, so that right out of the gate, you are ready to start adding content.

I will be able to give more details once I test out some of the additional software programs that come with Blog Blueprint. I recommend you get started right now with the Quickstart Guide. You can get that right here:


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