I have something to show you today which is totally going to blow you away.


It is something that has been put together over the last few months having been perfected for years.

You may have even heard about it already…

Project Archimedes is the new course which has been created in order to show anybody at any level how to make easy money on the internet by taking advantage of the difference in prices between two marketplaces.

Ben Shaffer has made a fortune doing it, and has created a step-by-step course which has simply stunned anyone who has taken a look at it and used it.

You may be surprised by the number of testimonials that are on the salespage, but the truth is, that these tactics work extremely well and are here to stay.


If you have seen the prelaunch videos, then you will know that Ben generally doesn’t approach the market place in the same way as other people and that is what gives him a competitive advantage.

Throughout this course, he has tried to let you into his brain to show you tactics and techniques that you may have not seen before.

But it is not rocket-science!

In fact, I showed the members’ area to my daughter to look through it and view the videos and reports. She then went on to use her skills in the real marketplace!

He has set everything out very step-by-step and easy to follow both for people just starting out on the internet and advanced marketers who are already using some of the tactics but not all.


Project Archimedes was so named because of the desire to create a course which employs scientific methods in order to profit online.

Using a scientific method means that nothing is left to chance, and that it can be repeated.

So, if you are looking for just an extra $100 a month or several hundred thousand Dollars a year, then I would seriously advise you to go and take a look at this course.


Often, online marketers are scared at sharing their secret money-making tactics for fear that a marketplace will become too crowded. Or perhaps they only share them once they are no longer effective.

That is the opposite in this case . Competition can actually be used to your advantage.

The reason is, because the more competition there is, the greater the marketplace and therefore the greater the amounts of profits to be made.

As you can tell, I am very excited about Project Archimedes because it is something that is truly worth being excited about. Not only that, but because I know that it will change a lot of people’s lives in finally being successful online.

If you want that to be you, then go to:


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS. What the course is about, is making use of all the knowledge that you may have obtained from other courses and finally putting it to use.


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