There’s this guy I know, and every couple years when he
releases something new… everyone takes notice.

In the “inner circle”, we have a name for Gary, we call
him the “disappearing guru”.

That’s because, every couple of years he’ll release one
new thing, and then, he just disappears. Hides in his
”Batcave” and work behind the scenes.


He doesn’t really go anywhere. Even though he has the
ability to go anywhere he wants!

Gary just doesn’t release new products, or new anything
for that matter, as often as I think he should…

Whenever I’m stuck on something, need clarity on things
in my marketing, or just want to talk shop, Gary is one
of the few guys I’ll call. 

And, that’s why I wish he’d release more stuff…

But he’s never going to change.

That’s why I need you to drop whatever you’re doing and
go watch the video he just released…

The last time he “disappeared”, he took a break from any
new releases for more than three years…

So please, hurry…

You’ll thank me later.



PS – If you thought I was going to have a bonus for
anyone who bought this from me…

You would be right!

I am giving the people who buy through my link
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