If salesletters are DEAD (as everyone is saying) then how are YOU going to sell your products?

Saleseletters certainly aren’t working as well as they use to in my business anymore and I’m not alone…

My buddy Ryan Deiss made a short video to show you how he’s killing it right now WITHOUT salesletters!

Click the link below right now:

Ryan’s new method takes about 10% as long to create as a traditional salesletter, makes web design a thing of the past and converts 321% better than his last salesletter.

Here is how it works:


There is ONE big secret that Ryan reveals at the 2 minute 21 second mark that’s worth the time to watch this video! No opt-in required. This is a 100% free video and if you pay attention it will change the way you think about this business!

Click the link below right now:



The Butterfly Marketing Software Is Now Open Source

This is very simple. Honestly, this is the biggest NO BRAINER blog post I have ever published.


No. It is just FACT!

What you are about to read is 100% TRUE with no catch.

Mike Filsaime is giving away Private Label Rights (PLR) to the Software to Butterfly Marketing for Free.

  • Just register with your real email
  • Download Instantly (No shipping)
  • No Credit Card is needed
  • No continuity options.
  • No Long Video
  • There is No catch.

Just enter your NAME and EMAIL to register and you get the software.


PLUS. . . (make sure to read)

  • It is now open source
  • you get PLR rights FREE (you can rebrand it and sell it.)
  • You can keep all the profits
  • You can use it on your own sites. As many as you want
  • You can use it to build sites for others for a fee
  • Comes with Free complete INSTALL Videos


Already "own" the software?

Well, even if you already have the Software or Home Study
course you do NOT have Private Label rights until you

Register for free PLR rights here:

This is a good will promotion from Mike Filsaime. He is very serious about the new directions he is moving and making most of what got him here available to the public at no charge.

This is an important and historic day for Internet Marketing.  Make sure to register now and see how the software can EXPLODE your business. And it does NOT cost you a dime!


Have an amazing day!
Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Make sure to get to the site now. Mike has made a special to you that is only available to the first charter members that download the software. If you delay, you will
lose out.


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