Today is an exciting day for two reasons.

1. I am overjoyed because the love of my life is home with me, I am doing what I absolutely love to do, and I am about to speak on stage at the Internet Marketing Super Seminar next month! I will also get to spend time with Keith Wellman and hopefully some of my other friends from the Internet Marketing world.

2. Today is when Hosting For Profit is going to announce an upgrade to their conference rooms. So if you wanted to have 100 seat conference rooms without having to give an arm and a leg to GoToWebinar, your time has arrived.

As we are already overdelivering in services, adding the upgrade option so that members can increase their room size is terrific! Many of the marketers (especially those who are MLM or direct marketers) have been begging Joel Therien to increase the room sizes, and now this will be the easiest and best way to upgrade your account!

If you are not a member of the Hosting For Profit team yet, you need to sign up before the upgrade is announced.

Success is yours!


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