Virtual Real Estate (VRE) sounds cool, doesn’t it?  Thing is, a lot of us have absolutely no clue what it entails.  We brandish the word around and expect people to understand what we are talking about.

Ask 15 different people what they think it means and you will get 14 different answers…

In a broad definition, Virtual Real Estate is the buying and selling of domains and websites. Basically you are buying a domain or website in the hopes of adding value to it so that other people will want to pay you more for it than you paid.

This means more than just parking a domain.

I have friends like Mark Ress who make a good living just “domaining” where they look at domain auctions for names that have potential, buy them and set up a website on them that adds even more value and then then reap the rewards of reselling them.

If you park a domain, you are basically allowing the traffic that normally occurs for it to get routed to adsense or affiliate ads, without giving value to the reader.  Search engines penalize these and so do the courts of law.  If one of your domains that you have parked is a product, brand or company name, the company owning the name can sue you for control of that domain and win in most cases.  Because you are not placing any value on that domain.

Same situation, but if your domain has a website and you can document earnings from that website, a court is likely to allow you to keep that domain (or let you sell it at a premium).

Flipping Domains!

With the success of Flip This House on the Discovery Channel, people are investing time and money to upgrade homes that they purchased at a deflated price (because of the need for repair) and end up reselling for a much higher price after the renovations and improvements!

Now bring that concept into the VRE world!

Buying websites that have been around a while, not really performing, and fixing them up to resell at a better price is another VRE method that is very lucrative if you do it correctly.  My friend Ben Shaffer from Israel is developing a training course on Website Flipping that he calls Project Archimedes.  This will revolutionize the market, because it will teach many new site flippers the real way to make  money from flipping sites.  I am training my oldest daughter to flip sites, since she has a natural design ability, and I am using Project Archimedes to show her how to do it the right way.

I suggest you get on Ben’s prenotification list so that you can take action when Project Archimedes goes live. 

I am assembling a membership site that you can use to learn the skills you may not have right now (like how to do graphics using either GIMP or, how to upload via FTP and cpanel, how to make a paypal button, how to use clickbank (for affiliate products) and how to use Kopozer as your HTML editor.  This membership site will be selling for $47 per month when I release it next week, but anyone who gets on Ben’s prenotification list and buys Project Archimedes on November 11th will get 180 days access for $1! (6 months should be more than enough time to pick up the skills you will need to do a professional looking job with websites so that you can flip them and make more than you invested in both the website and Project Archimedes).

Click Here To Get On Ben’s List

Dark Forces Stir VRE World
Someone you should be checking out in the Virtual Real Estate field is Howie Schwartz.  He uses white, grey and black hat techniques to build massive traffic to his VRE sites and affiliate programs.  By simply adding a blog to your domain and building a whole lot of Web 2.0 websites all pointing to your blog, you can increase the value of a domain 100 fold in a matter of days!

Simply increasing the page rank of a website can mean the difference between selling a domain for $27 or selling it for $27,000,000!  Think about it.  You have a domain like and instead of just redirecting it to the aweber website, you create a blog that discusses the pros and cons of aweber.  Then you build the pagerank (I use the term pagerank loosely, because it does not necessarily need to be Google’s PR, you can have it show up on the first page of all the search engines, to me that is ranking) for that website via a campaign of Web2.0 sites and article publishing.

Momentous Occasion!

Once you build a tremendous momentum for that site, you are in the driver’s seat as to the price you can sell that domain/website combination.  You can use ebay or a private reseller to get the highest price for the site.

Ben Shaffer reveals a lot of the mechanics for making the sale and getting the most for your site in Project Archimedes.  You will also see a lot of great resources for finding these sites and locating the owners.  One of the side effects for this is that you can actually get the current owners to pay you to pimp up their website (often more money than you would have gotten for flipping it) to help increase the value of it for them!

That is all I have to cover with you on VRE for now, but I will be covering more before the launch of Project Archimedes.

I hope that now that you are armed with a little bit more information about Virtual Real Estate and Website Flipping, you can become more aware of opportunities around you.

I can tell you that finding a  domain with a PR 3 and adding a website to that domain can be really exciting, since the traffic is already coming.  Many times domains like that have 2000 visitors a month coming without having anything there!  Imagine what can happen when you put your own website with your own products in place!

So sign up for Project Archimedes Early Notification so you can qualify for my 6 Months for $1 deal on my skill building membership site.  If you have additional questions you would like me to address on this topic or anything else, leave me a comment!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Howie Schwartz is opening up his Black Hat Is Back website for a limited time, so you should be getting in on it to blow away the competition for free traffic!

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