I returned from jvAlert Live in Philadelphia, exhausted and filled
to overflowing with great information for my business.

So was it worth it?

Let me tell you about it.  I met Tom Beal, Simon Leung,  Jason
DeVelvis, John Hostler, John Ritskowitz, Joel and Rhonda Gruber,
Brian McElroy, Randy Baustert, Michael and Dawn Angier,
Marianne Torrence, Ray La Foy, Robert Lazor, Folusho Orokunle,
Robert DiMattia, Ramon Williamson, Dennis Gerik, Ken McArthur,
Michael Young, Ross Goldberg, Michel and Sylvie Fortin, Muriel
Moton, Glenn Dietzel, Jason Henderson, Gina Gaudio-Graves,
Ed and Birgit Cheung, Scott Paton, Erik Stafford and so many more…

I know some of these people may not remember me by the end of
this week, but if I touched even a couple of their lives and helped
them with their business in any way, it was worth the cost of the
trip, the food, the hotel and the ticket for the event!

Business relationships were created, but more importantly,
friendships were created.  Those are the most important bonds
you will ever make.  Friends will be there when you don’t know
anyone, will introduce you to the people you always wanted to
meet and will even tell you when a project you are working on
can be improved.

I will be a Ross Goldberg’s event on July 14 and 15 in Wisconsin.
Then in October, I will be at jvAlert Live in San Diego, CA.  I had
planned on this being the very last seminar of the year, but I
would be totally devoid of all intelligence if I missed the opportunity
to join all my new friends in San Diego, and maybe strengthen the
relationship that I started in Philadelphia and Orlando and  Atlanta!

The relationships are the most valuable products that came from
jvAlert Live…

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie, MCSE

PS – Bring a video camera or a tape recorder to an event
and you will get a  chance to create a product quickly and
easily by just asking a few questions to one of the experts
you meet.

A good place to get to know your new friends better is at
Robert Puddy’s Forum Know How Forum
… This forum is
designed to keep spammers out by making it an annual
subscription type of forum just like the Warrior Forum used
to be.

Just keep posting good information, keep tabs on the
people you just met and meet new ones.  You will build
credibility in your niche and among the marketer community,
and you will learn of new projects and you might even be able
to offer your assistance to people.

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