Sometimes I wonder…

I saw more major marketers, including Matthew Glanfield, Jeremy Gislason, Michael Rassmussen and Todd Gross promoting Miracle Traffic Bot during the launch. Sure, Paul Ponna puts out some nice products. But did these marketers do their research?

Traffic Experts

When you need traffic, do you know what to do?

If you listen to the majority of marketers, you have to write articles, submit them to article directories, and then repeat.

This is a good standard, but not nearly adequate anymore. Not unless you plan on spending all of your time writing and submitting. Time is the main factor, as you have to write good content to be accepted in your market, and that requires research.

Articles Are Not Enough

Obviously, articles can’t be the end all, cure all for getting traffic. Most of the experts recommend a balanced approach of Articles, Videos, Press Releases and Social Bookmarks to really help get the links out there for your money site.

I found a few websites that help you create videos out of your articles, and I will be reviewing those very soon. but even if you just get your flip cam out and shoot a few minutes of you reading your article (or the bullet points of the article), the video will be a great way to supplement your articles. Not to mention that you can take the soundtrack using Audacity and submit that to the podcast sites, too!

Ok – I Have Videos & Articles – Now What?

Two products are on the market right now claiming to do the same thing. Miracle Traffic Bot launched with a group of powerful marketers supporting the launch with huge bonuses and bold claims. Ross Goldberg’s Traffic Magnet launched quietly without a whole lot of attention.

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