Melford and Concetta Bibens are finally revealing their Fast Income Formula to a limited number of people by private invitation only! Because you are one of my loyal readers, I am inviting you to look it over:

Click here to watch their very revealing video.

Melford and Concetta used to run a gym in the Catskills – they mortgaged their home to open it – right in the beginning of the recession from hell! They reveal a lot more of their story on the video, which you should definitely watch all the way to they end, because they also reveal their formula on this video!

Miracle Traffic Bot Price Increase

Unfortunately, in my last post about Miracle Traffic Bot, I predicted that Paul Ponna was going to be raising the price on the software that handles your article, video and social bookmark submissions on complete autopilot.

Well, it appears that he is doing it today, so if you had any plans to get Miracle Traffic Bot, you should probably do so right away!

Link Wheel Software Now Available!

Ross Goldberg releases his newest product, a software program that sets up your link wheels to help get you traffic. The sales page is kind of strange, with cavemen on it, but the cool part is the way it will set up your traffic wheels to drive FREE traffic to your money pages!

Check it out. And don’t forget to join me on my Blog Talk Radio Show this morning: Blogging With Micheal!

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