I received an email from Jeff Johnson last night after a very frustrating launch day. I am going to quote it here in its entirety, because he really felt bad about the launch.

So many things went wrong today that I’m not even going to try to tell you what happened.

Let’s just say "Launches Suck!"

Technology makes our lives easier as long as it works.

When it doesn’t work, life "ain’t so easy".

So I’ll spare you the details and just tell you this:

I just posted a new and improved video that seems to load faster and play more smoothly than before.

And I added a special "We Do It For You" SEO site building bonus section for my Mastermind Group.

You can check them both out here:


Jeff Johnson


I’m sorry for the "issues" you may have had with our ordering system earlier today.

Just to say I’m sorry…

I’ve also decided to leave the fast-mover bonuses up for you at least until tomorrow.


Jeff is a hard working marketer, and while he claims to be a Lazy-Ass Super Affiliate, he puts in long hours to create excellent content for his customers.

His crew have been working out the bugs in the shopping cart system, so you should have no problem snatching up some of the coveted spots that were supposed to be gone by now!

Click here to get Traffic Voodoo now!

You can read about my bonus for Traffic  Voodoo here.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – You can get a great deal on a software product that will automate your traffic tasks such as submitting articles, submitting videos and posting to social networks. It runs on your computer so you can turn it on and let it go, getting you thousands of crucial backlinks while you go to bed.


I bought this myself and will have a video for you very shortly.

PPS – Be sure to catch me on my hit Internet Radio Show:

Blogging With Micheal

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