It doesn’t matter whether you’re using paid or fr’ee
traffic methods.

The KEY is to do what you’re doing in VOLUME.  In other
words, find something that works to generate traffic and

And GO BIG!!

Take video marketing, for example.  Experts unanimously
agree that video marketing is one of the absolute BEST
ways to get unlimited FR’EE traffic to your web-sites
and affiliate offers.

But how do you GO BIG with video?…

The most obvious way is simply to create and submit
more videos!  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
figure that much out…

The problem is, HOW to create dozens, or even hundreds
of *original* videos to submit to YouTube (and get tons
of fr’ee traffic as a result) every day?

You’ll discover the SOLUTION right here:

I just created AND submitted 20 videos in 45 minutes
using this service!

What I do is simply create short, 10 second “tips”
style videos.  I write one short tip per video, and
include a quick “plug” for my website.

…This also enables me to use the same description,
keywords, and category for each video “batch” – making
submitting the videos really easy.  (I change each video
title slightly, adding “Tip 1, Tip 2, Tip 3, etc to the
rest of the title.)

Of course, this is just one method.  There are many ways
to GO BIG and create LARGE VOLUMES of traffic with this
particular service, since it enables you to crank out
instant viral videos one after the other!!

It’s awesome, and if you’re NOT using it to GO BIG
with video traffic, you’re losing tons of fr’ee traffic –
plain and simple (it works in ANY market):

I have been using this service for a couple promos
I was working on, and I absolutely loved it. It is
so stinking easy to make a video out of a blog post,

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