I am starting a new weekly series of videos that show the answer to a question from one of my readers. To kick it off, I am looking for road blocks, things that have stopped you in your tracks and if you could figure this out, you could get to the next step.

If you want to get your problems reviewed on video, just complete a help desk ticket at http://traf-x.com/helpdesk and use Video Help in the subject.

One thing… the videos will only be free for the first week, and after that I am going to be charging $5 per month for access.  You will have a username/password access to the video of the week, as well as to the archives.  So $5 is nothing for a chance to get the help you need on video.  My coaching clients get access to this for free.

So watch out for the first video on Monday.  I will be emailing my community and posting the link here on the blog, too!  So if you sign up for the RSS feed you will get the alert!

What else is new?

Since I told people about Nitro Blogging, the monthly membership site that puts 200 articles per month in 10 new niches in your hot little hands for less than the price to get someone to write 3 articles, PLUS, you also get 10 comments that you can use to get backlinks from other blogs in the same niches.  I mean they do the thinking for you, so that you can spend your precious brain power planning out your product creation strategies.

What I like about Nitro Blogging is the niche research.  I can take the articles and get the main points so that I can have a product started by the time my blog is up.  Then I just set up an RSS autofeed and start putting my new products up for sale on the blog.  The people I am going to attract to this blog will be pumped up for the products I will be creating!  Sounds pretty win win to me!

I suggest you grab your membership before the price goes up.  They are closing it down at 500 members, so you know you won’t have that much competition in the marketplace… especially if you create your own products.  Sign up before Monday and you will get a coupon code good for $4 off the monthly fee for the training videos, plus access to the 75% commission JV program for it!

Let me know how I can help you… I am here to serve after all.

Need product creation coaching? 

I am thinking about adding a specific training program on just product creation for $47 per month.  If you are interested in this, open a support ticket with Product Creation Coaching in the subject and tell me your goals.  I don’t want to see people stuck with half finished projects, when a little butt whooping (ok, maybe it is only a little encouragement) is all you need.  I have been there in the product creation trenches as a student of Ken McArthur, so I am uniquely positioned to be able to help people with product creation.  You will also get free membership to Extreme Product Explosion for as long as you are a coaching client.

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Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Did you see the hubpage I created for SEO Press Formula?

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