I never thought they would do it…

Pssst… I just got some rather surprising
inside info that my friends Michael Cheney
and “Million Dollar Mike” Morgan are
“retiring” from working full-time in the
IM niche.

And they have put together a massive firesale
to fund another business.

Look, I’m shocked about this. They are both
great assets to the IM community, but they
are ready to spread their wings. And they
want you to have this before they “retire.”


In the video, they will walk you through
their massive firesale. Almost 17 grand in
amazing stuff, for pennies on the dollar.

If you have ever wanted to build an instant
internet marketing library together that
includes both ready-made products (complete
with turnkey marketing) and world-class
“how-to” information, then check this out:


The reason I’m sending this to you is to
give you a “head start” for when Michael
and Mike open up their huge firesale.

This is quality stuff, these two are some
of the sharpest guys online. Take a look
at what they are offering. It’s all any
newbie needs to go from nothing to success
in nothing flat.

In fact, no matter where you’re at from
newbie to expert, the firesale has something
to move you ahead on the web…


To your success,

Micheal Savoie

PS – Here is the link again, because you do not want to miss this:


See you there!


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