Grab yourself some Free PLR from some experts in the business!  Doug & Teri Champigny went through some tough times with the passing of Doug’s sister last month, but in the true spirit of the entrepreneur, he and Xavier Nelson put together an inspiring collection of Private Label Rights products from some of the top marketers.  I included PLR to 10 Minute Opt-In Success, which is one of the top selling products I ever created.  I am also thinking about offering my Create Products From PLR Tools to my new subscribers, since that is one way that they can use the PLR to create a brand new product.

I know that once Free PLR is over, I am going to be selling the Private Label Rights to 10 Minute Opt-In Success for $47.  It is well worth it.  Phase 2 of 10 Minute Opt-In Success will be launching in December, and it will include many new ways to get subscribers to your newsletter or ezine with only 10 minutes of work per day!

I am also offering a discount to my coaching program to guide you through the best possible use of these PLR products.  All told these products can give you the edge by creating your own membership site and offering each of these PLR products as your own creation, or sell each individually using Rapid Action Profits or RAPJV.

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The product creation game is always a battle between what the customer wants and what the product creator wants to make.

Often, the loser is the customer.

What business owners need to do is figure out what their customers want. One way is to seek them out and spy on them in forums.  You can buy software that will search out key phrases and show you what people are saying.

What I would rather do is use surveys and google alerts.  First you go to Google Alerts, use a keyword phrase for your niche that describes the product you would like to create.  Next, create a survey at that asks which features people think are the most important on a product.  I recommend creating multiple surveys, one for each feature group, since the survey site only allows 4 answers.  Then you just get feedback from people about your surveys by responding to the google alerts by visiting the site and commenting about your survey and how it may relate to the posted topic.

On Thursday, I am flying out to Las Vegas through Dallas/Fort Worth for jvAlert Live:

I am looking forward to seeing all of my close friends and making some new ones!

Hope I will see you there.  I have not scoped out the hotel for Internet, yet. Hoping I will be able to broadcast live again. 

I am definitely broadcasting a Social Network Effect ladies panel on Thursday evening that promises to give a lot of great value!

Will also record it, so that I can add it to my bonus for which launches on November 1st!

I will announce the URL for the panel on Thursday evening.


Anik Singal tried really hard to get his PPC Classroom to launch without a hitch.

He spent over $12k on a massive database system to keep his site and customers
organized and within minutes of the start of the launch, his server got slammed
into the next county from all of the traffic!

Anik is interviewing a guy who used to be so broke he couldn’t pay attention,
who is now making $2.4 Million a year and he owns NO product, NO list, nothing.

Anik told me that he’s creating a course to reveal exactly what he did.

My first reaction?

“Oh, great, another $2,000 course that most can’t afford – the ones that need
it the most!”

He just laughed at me and said “wait and see…”

I am completely floored!

Actually I am totally stoked about this because many of my coaching clients have asked about PPC and I have never really spent a lot of time perfecting my PPC… until now.

The course is not even a FRACTION of that cost and the value they are delivering is just amazing.

Almost out right silly…

-> Started with NO website
-> Does NOT have a product
-> No list…

It’s a pretty crazy system…

Have a look, I’m going through it myself right this very minute:

See you inside!


Also, check out this program by a guy who will most likely be attending jvAlert Live:

It’s called 4 Minute Money. It’s new and it’s different. It’s written by a guy named
Brian “Koz” Kosobucki and he’s the real deal.

He’s been in the same boat as the rest of us and through a lot of hard work and sweat
equity…came up with a series of guides that can start making you money…in as little as 4 minutes at a time.

Build as many little 4 Minute Mo.ney makers as you like. And then the next time the government sends you a check…you can blow it all on skittles and beer.

Or beer and espresso like Bernie likes to have!

Check it out here:


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Check out the software that Eric Farewell calls the next great membership site platform and grab my video training for it!

This video training includes how to setup Dolphin to create your own social network, but also how to create a WordPress MultiUser blog and how to make profitable Squidoo lenses.

Check it out:

PPS – While Gas Prices are dropping like a lead balloon, we still should not lose sight of the power energy prices have over our economy.  I have reduced the price of my ebook 62 Ways To Save At The Pump for a while to keep people thinking about how they can keep saving money and lower our dependence on foreign oil!

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