Unleash An Avalanche Of Targeted Pre-Sold Traffic By Recycling Your Articles On You Tube

When you see headlines and subject lines like that, it really grabs your attention, doesn’t it?

Turns out that Kevin Riley is a master at wordcrafting, which works out very well indeed, since he is also very good at creating products that sell off the virtual shelves.

By allowing you to see the benefits in the headline, you are 90% sold before you read the rest of the sales letter.  After all, who doesn’t want targeted, presold traffic coming to their website?  And repurposing ones articles into videos is an awesome idea, but it leaves you enough of an incompleteness because you want to know HOW you create those youtube videos out of your articles and how do you flood your website with targeted traffic that you are going to click to go to the website to find out more.

I have a reader who is very cynical about IM, and he emails me from time to time about how he has been online for the last 4 years and has never sold anything.  He would be one of those people that these targeted headlines would not affect.  He would ignore that link and that means he would not cause a decrease in your conversion.   When you put your product in front of the people in such a way that only the people who are interested in your product will go to the sales page, you are much less likely to see poor conversion numbers than if you just told everyone “come see my new website!”

Mark Joyner says “it is all in how you frame the offer.”  If you put a link that gets massive clickthrough but has nothing to do with the site that it takes you to, your results will be very poor indeed.  If your link says “Woman strips her way to great monthly income!” and you show a website about how to make money online with beef jerky strips, you will probably lose a lot of visitors who were hoping the stripping was literal.
Recipe For Shooting And Distributing Sales-Pulling Video Commercials

Video commercials are the rage.  The better they are done the more viral they become.  If you can hold someone’s attention and get them to really listen to you, you can usually get them to tell others about your video, too!

Recipe For Building A Cash Pumping List With Free Reports

Who doesn’t want a list?  Especially a cash pumping one… and the thing that really hooks you here is the free reports part.  How are you going to get a freebie seeker to part with their cash to the point of being a cash pumping list?  That is why this link gets so many clicks and the site gets so many sales!

How To Turn Lazy Summer Days Into A Lifetime Of Easy Cash

Who doesn’t want to spend a hot summer in front of the pool while their iphone goes kaching each time a sale shows up in their clickbank and paypal account?  I know it excites me, which is why I chose that headline to talk about.

A product that promises to turn my days around the pool into a lifetime of easy cash sounds like my kind of product.

No Hope For The Brain Dead?

The thing is, you are either going to be the one who comes up with the traffic pulling content or the one who recommends it.  I used to believe I was the traffic pulling content writer, but I am increasingly finding that a lot of my friends are so much better at it than I am that I let them write and I talk to my community about it!

Recipe For Stellar Post Product Launch Follow Up

That is why many products sell like crazy during the promotional period and then disappears from the face of the Earth immediately following the launch.  But some folks are making even more money by quietly pumping these products into their product funnel and selling them at the higher, post-launch price for much nicer commissions. 

Doesn’t that sound like a much better way to use a product launch?

I am going to take a break now and work on sending a couple of emails…

Gotta work on my presentation, too! So much to do and so much to do…lol!  Better to be busy than bored, because then I would be firing up my computer games and you know how much money I made the last time I immersed myself into games!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Anyone into organic jerky?
I am working on a downline builder for the folks who decide to work with me in my Jerky Direct business.

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