Many people tell me they can’t create a product because they don’t have money to buy the tools that I recommend.

When that happens, you should take inventory of your assets. Figure out what you can do right now to begin earning the money that you will need to pay for the tools (software, ebooks, etc.). Some expenses are non negotiable.

Here are the 3 things you really need to start an online business the right way. Whether you have a product or not.

  1. A domain. You really need a domain of your own, with a blog installed. This is the place you are going to use for link cloaking, your squeeze page and to actively market something.
  2. A hosting service. You can get away with just a domain if you are planning on redirecting to your affiliate link. I recommend you get hosting – at Your Directory Website we offer a blog with the hosting.
  3. An autoresponder or group emailing software to accumulate your new subscribers. You need to be able to email your list professionally. Using the BCC: in your Outlook Express looks spammy and can come back to haunt you in the future. Remember: professional looking delivery ensures you get better response.

Those are really the only expenses you need to get started. Choose a name that matches your niche, or at least brands you in some way.

So now what? You have a blog and a domain. Hopefully you were able to purchase an autoresponder, because you want to build a list as you build an income selling affiliate products.

Go to the clickbank marketplace, and decide what products are available to sell in your market. The goal is to find the products to fund your growth. I created a list of awesome resources on Extreme Product Explosion, a membership site I created for people who want to create their own products.  The free section contains an interview I did with Willie Crawford and a software tool that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

I recommend you join as a Silver Member if the budget is tight, because the tools you need to create products will be available to you inside the membership area.  Silver Membership is only $17 per month and you will get much more than that out of it, just in training from the experts I interviewed and the training videos at your disposal.

Inside Extreme Product Explosion is something else, a marketplace where your products can be showcased, and a JV area where you can find people to help you sell your products.  The only thing we haven’t done yet is create an affiliate program for you.  You can easily do that with Rapid Action Profits, however!  RAP is a script that makes it so easy to set products up for sale and affiliates get paid directly to their PayPal accounts, so you don’t have to  worry about the messy accounting details.

I recommend you use Extreme Product Explosion and Rapid Action Profits together because you will be able to create products and sell them very easily, putting an end to the “not having any money” excuse for not building a six figure income.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – When the clock strikes 12:01AM on December 1, the $3/month discount on Extreme Product Explosion Silver Membership will expire!  Take advantage of it right away and you can save yourself $36/year!

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