My latest project has just launched and now I am going to do something exciting! The IMpact Action Team is working on a project with Deremiah *CPE to raise awareness and funding for the prevention of Teen Suicide! So I am having a contest to help raise awareness and drive traffic to the Speak Up Save Lives website!

Knol-edge Is Power
The first thing I want to do is tell you about my newest product, Building A Profitable Knol Video Training. This video training gives you the step by step training to have you up and running with Google Knols. A knol, according to Google, is a unit of Knowledge. And given that Google operates the site, it is safe to assume that any content placed on a knol will be indexed very rapidly!

Since I made this product available, people are rushing to get their own knols created and we will be seeing even more as word gets out. But I am not satisfied with making sales of my products. I want to help make an impact!

Knol – Lens – Hubpage Contest Announced
What I decided to do was find some sponsors to help me reward the efforts of the folks who help us with our cause. So I thought of holding a contest that will go through the next 3 weeks to raise awareness to the Speak Up Save Lives cause and the Impact Action Team Blog. I also would like to raise awareness for my products…lol!

The first Rule is that you must create one of each… A Squidoo Lens, a Google Knol and a Hubpage! Each must contain a link to each other (your lens should have a link to your hubpage and your knol & vice versa 3 ways) and each must contain the following three links:

I would also appreciate a link back to one of the products related to the property you are posting… such as:

So you may wonder how you can get started… well download this PDF which contains the rules and an explanation of the contest. I am still lining up prizes being pledged to me by many of my dear friends online and I will be putting up a page with all of the prizes soon.

But in the mean time, let the contest begin…

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