Back in the days of the San Francisco goldrush, many people made off with armloads of cash, but only a few people actually found gold…

If you haven’t had a chance to read my blog, or my new best friend Felicia Slattery’s ezine or blog during the past few weeks, you’ve missed out on the
excitement of everything happening with her business. Many of her long-time subscribers have been sending her well-wishes and are cheering right along with her. It’s been amazing!

It seems when one of us makes it, we all get to share in the joy of success – whether our’s or someone else’s.

So how about you? Are you ready for your chance of a lifetime? Will you be ready when opportunity knocks?

The amazing ride started when Felicia — now a part of Ken McArthur’s
Impact Action Team and a speaker at his Impact Boot Camp in Philly next
weekend — was called up on stage a few weeks ago by Ken, one of the
most successful guys on the Internet; she was ready with her Signature

(read more about a Signature Speech

Felicia shares with you below 3 steps so you’ll be sure that when opportunity knocks you can open the door and shine!

Step 1: Prepare*
Be ready at all times because you never can tell when you’ll get your shot at the big time.

Step 2: Be in the Right Place at the Right Time
One thing I’ve learned is you do need to get out of the house sometimes. Find an event close to you and just go. Meet the people who may help you to make a huge impact.

Step 3: Grab Your Chance and Make It Happen
The first two steps are good, but if you don’t take action you’ll miss your chance.

*So let’s go back to that first step:
Are you prepared with your own Signature Speech? When you have a 30-60 minute presentation ready to deliver at a moment’s notice you’ll be on your way to success.

Your Signature Speech is a fabulous door opener. Felicia still delivers her Signature Speech for free. Why? Because she wants to serve audiences of her target market by telling them something that can be helpful to them. It’s a win-win situation because then she gets to use the most powerful form of marketing her business at the same time.

In a few weeks she’ll be teaching the next live telecourse of her popular Signature Speech Work Group. Right now it’s priced at 50% off the full value — and I wanted to make sure you know about it.

So if you want to be prepared when the chance of a lifetime shows up AND put together a complete speech so you can get more prospects and more clients AND learn where to go to deliver the speech… get over to her site now

I know you’ll love it!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – The Wacky Gang are at it again with a crazy ebook that helps everyone with marketing… because when there is a gold rush, are you going to be one of the speculators? One of the millions of people trying to make it big by finding the goldmine (like hitting the lottery)? Or are you going to be the one who makes a killing by selling all of those gold miners shovels?

Make more money by selling the shovels…

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