Listening to the news makes my stomach knot up. If you were to believe everything that you hear on there, you would have had the poisoned kool-aid and ended it all years ago.

What is your plan?
In business, you want to plan for slow times and make your own success. Don’t rely on public opinion and consumer confidence to be going your way to make a profit. If you take care of three things early on, you will never have to worry about economic downturns or what the talking heads on TV have to say.

Be buzzworthy!
The first task you must accomplish is to have a high quality product or service that you already provide. If you are the owner of a restaurant, you want to be on top of your customer service. Every customer must be your top priority at all times and treat each one like royalty! This will ensure that when people are talking about you, you are only getting good press!

Go out of your way to serve!
Without being noted for your service to others, you will quickly get lost in the cacophony of other businesses out there trying to be heard above the din! Only when you differentiate yourself as going beyond the “ordinary,” do you begin to be heard (and spoken about).

Make it easy to be loved!
Have places that customers can go to rave about you. My recommendation is to be on and Facebook, Myspace and a few other social media sites that can be linked together. That way when you post about something, all of your followers can be kept up to date.

I highly recommend you use a site like to post to all of your accounts at once. The beta code this week is “pingitlikeitshot” so you should sign up before they change the code. If you need the new code after they change it, just twitter me.

So start planning a presence on the Internet right away, and even if you don’t have your own website yet, you should have a presence as your business, even if it is Crystal_River_Discount_Tire_Shop or something like that. Once you have your own domain, of course, it is easier to send folks to your social sites to connect with you.

That is all I am going to cover today, because the weather is clearing up and I am taking my daughter to Sam’s Club for school supplies. Remember to keep in touch with me on any of the social media that I am a part of, just look for michealsavoie as a search term and you should find me. Beware, though, there are some Michael Savoie profiles out there that are not me. Make sure you spell micheal like I do and you will find me.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – If you want to schedule me for a workshop to show your business how to get online in a social way, contact me at my help desk.

PPS – If you want to recession proof your business in a BIG way and want me to help you with it get this course that I was just reviewing before I wrote this.The guys who put is together are living proof that during tough times you can still have an income without additional work. It is all in your planning and implementation – do it once and it keeps paying you. Is that not the way to go in an economy that is dependent on the whims of governments, speculators and third world countries?

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