Having a website on the Internet is necessary – no, critical – to your online success, but it is not the only thing you need. You should have a multi-tiered approach to getting traffic by using incoming links from highly social websites as you build your brand.

But a lot of people are selling products that threaten Google, the top of the search engine food chain and the source of more traffic than all other search engines. Products like Google Assassin, Google Pain Induction and Take Google Out Back And Beat It Into Submission…

If Google is the source of bread and butter for so many people, it is wise to name your products mean names like that?

Dylan Loh is taking a different tactic (Secret Google Tactics) and I can see it making a difference…


Since Dylan is interested in helping beginners, he doesn’t go for Google’s jugular but instead he shows newbies how to use some of Google’s secrets to increase cash flow and traffic flow. He wants to create a relationship with Google, not cut its knees out from under it!

I recommend getting Secret Google Tactics so you can start pulling in the commissions you deserve!

Have an amazing day!


PS – Here is a video about it done by Todd Gross:


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