With a noisy marketplace the only way to really be recognized is by seeming to understand your customer by first knowing who they are, figuring out what problem they need you to solve for them and how much they are willing to pay to have that problem solved.

Understand your ideal customer…

  • Ask them what they want… use surveys and questionnaires to find out your customers’ deepest desires so that you can fulfill them right now and take away their pain!
  • Talk to your customers on the phone. Make it a point to call 30 or more of your customers and find out what you can do to help them with their problems. This builds rapport and let’s you know what your customers really want!
  • Gather Feedback using a form or a location on your support desk. Even comments on your blog are a good way to gather the feedback vital to making your business even better.
  • Place one of those chat boxes on your sales page to ask your customers why they are leaving your site. This is very important, because it helps you make changes to your sales process that increase your conversion.
  • Conversations throughout the web will also help find out what your ideal customer is looking for. Forums and blogs are a great research tool to hear what people want or are struggling with. You can use google alerts to let you know where the conversation is taking place, and then you simply eavesdrop!

Using these methods makes it easy to figure out who your ideal customer is and how you can best serve them by making just the right product that solves their problems and makes their day easier!

By seeming to read your customers’ minds you become the go to person whenever they need something to solve future problems. Just never stop listening!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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