Having friends who know more than me about a lot of different topics is a love/hate thing…

They always correct you when you are wrong, they never let you finish a sentence before they tell you the faults in your logic…

But the also don’t let you mess up when you are losing money!

Alex Sysoef is an awesome WordPress Expert that I met first in JV Giveaways. He then launched a product that defined him as an expert called Web 2.0 Wealth that I still use to this day because of all of the plugins that I was able to get from his package.

Alex and I at jvAlert Live!

Now Alex has released a new product called Expert WordPress that is going to make is much easier for you to make money from your blogging activities!

I even created a video to help you see what Alex has to offer!

If you purchase Expert WordPress from my link, I will give you a copy of the video training SEO WordPress that helps me squeeze extra visitors out of every blog post!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – It launches right now!

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