Beware you newbie who just found out about the next best thing since sliced bread:
The Giveaway!

As someone who has operated giveaways over the past year, I have greatly benefited, but I also realized how flawed the whole genre is and how a few marketers are making a lot of money at the expense of the masses!

When I wrote my blog post The Problem With Giveaway Websites last year, I had already seen the writing on the wall. Yet for the 16 months following that post, no less than 10 giveaways per month launched during that period. Saying that the giveaway genre was flooded is like saying that Hawaii is close to the Pacific!

Lets examine this with a higher magnification, being careful not to let the suns rays concentrate on the page…

Lets say that 10 per month is an accurate figure and that 16 months have passed, so that we have 160 giveaways during that time. If each giveaway only had 2000 people sign up for them that is still 320,000 people downloading stuff. Roughly half of those probably signed up for more than one of these (in fact they probably were in all of them) so we can reduce the number to around 200,000 people conservatively, that were involved in a giveaway of some sort. Some giveaways had closer to 20,000 people signing up, and some had a few hundred if they weren’t promoted very well, but lets assume that we only had 200,000 people involved.

These 200,000 people:
– Probably saw your gift before if you offered it in more than one giveaway
– Are signed up to about 50 other people’s email list in addition to yours
– Probably used a throwaway email address for all of the giveaways
– Are overwhelmed with too many products, ebooks and software that they don’t know where to start
– Will be looking for a new hard drive very soon

So how do you make an impact with these people so that they will become your customer instead of your subscriber?

I have a few solutions to this:
1. Create something that people can’t find anywhere else
2. Put ways to contact you other than email in your product
a. RSS Feeds are a great way to stay in touch with people without emailing them
b. Software products that check your website before or after they use it are useful to connect the people who are using your gift!
3. Create a product that solves a common problem or makes a common task simpler
4. Use a delivery system that makes them an offer that is way too good to pass up!

As a software producer, I like to listen to what people are saying. Last year, I created a software product that gave people access to 10 different giveaways (using my affiliate links) from one location. This same software product also connected to my blog and updated the user whenever my blog changed (when I posted). I also created a product that I gave away at giveaways that people signed up for through the Rapid Action Profits Script – this script is amazing in that it even allows you to giveaway a front end product and makes a One Time Offer (OTO) after the subscriber clicks the confirmation link. I received a lot of good sales for a $17 product that was related to the giveaway product.

Finally, offering a free trial membership to a continuity program is an inspiring way to bring in the money from a giveaway. My first giveaway was for hosting for 6 months and I still have clients from that giveaway. With those types of gifts, you are opening a special communication line with them, since they need to be hearing from you because you are charging them each month… and you will have their paypal email address at that point. A great product for creating membership websites is Memberfire, and I am giving away a free trial of the software right here.

Create your own software with Best 10 Software Maker.

But now Brad Smith from Easter JV Giveaway is getting ready to release a report on The Death Of Giveaways… right now you can get a free chapter from the report, so I suggest you head over and get it now.

Build it and they will come… stupid!

Don’t ever fall for that line of thinking. You may hear that a few million new surfers go online every day, but I am here to tell you that you still need to funnel them into your website in order to make some money online. By simply placing a website on the Internet, you are not helping anyone.

What you really need are hundreds of connections throughout the web! Funny, isn’t it how aptly they named the Internet the world wide web? Every strand is interconnected in a more and more complex network that grows as time goes on…

So by opening your eyes to the places you can network, you can make a difference.

Beware! The thin line is drawn in the sand at your feet.

The line between a legitimate networking opportunity and spamming. When you first meet someone, don’t immediately start hurling links at them! Nothing I hate worse than introducing myself to someone and their answer is a dozen URLs…

If you are on Facebook, you will see that fairly regularly, where people sign up for the sole purpose of sending messages to their “friends” filled with buy this and join that, while the successful ones are building relationships first. Make friends first, then as the conversation develops over time, you can start to introduce them to what you are doing slowly.

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