This Saturday At 7PM, Yvonne & I are going to be showing you
some really cool sites that you can be setting up some backlinks
so that you get really good search engine love back to your website!

To register, you simply have to purchase the following $8 video
training series on how to backlink. This video series teaches you
how to rank high in the search engines by placing backlinks on
high ranking sites.

If backlinks are something you want but you didn’t know how to get it
done… then this is for you! Actually, I am going to let my VA look them
over before I assign her the next list of sites for backlinking…

If you buy this video series, I will send you access to the webinar I
an doing on Saturday evening at 7PM Eastern to answer your
questions (after you have watched the videos of course).

I will also give you access to 10 sites that are high PR (5 or higher)
that you can start backlinking on immediately. You will receive the
list at the webinar because I am not allowed to put these on my server…

Because the webinar will be on Saturday, you must have
purchased by Friday midnight to get the webinar access!

See you then!


PS – Even if you don’t care about the backlinking sites or the
webinar, the how to videos are the price of a medium pizza &
you will want to have them on hand to train your employees
or your VA!

PPS – Worried about duplicate content on your blog?

PPSS – If you get Harris Fellman’s Coup De Twitter
before Oct. 31, I will add a bonus blog installation with
all the social network plugins that I use for my own
blogs to make sure you get your Twinja Career
off to a great start. Bonus is good until Oct 31 at

The helpdesk to claim your bonus is:

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