You just finished creating the product that will change humanity forever!

Big deal.  How many people are actually going to see that product?

Hold on a minute!  Why am I being so negative?  Your product is going to be the best thing to hit the web since Google!  How are you going to get the visitors to your site to be influenced by your amazing sales page?

First – you are going to tell your friends.  If you have family and friends, get them to your page and even give them a copy of your product to let them see the value of it.  You want to get as many people accidently crashing it or finding your typos as possible BEFORE you get thousands of visitors.

The best thing about having your friends and family looking over your product, they are not going to sugar coat anything.  They will tell you if your baby is ugly.  If your spelling of Mississippi is wrong on page 75, they will be the ones to point it out!

When they tell you, accept their comments and fix the problems immediately.  Don’t start to defend your product, just accept that you could have missed something.  Once you have run that gauntlet, you will be in much better shape for the customers that you will eventually get!  You might even want to start a FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide for your help desk, because the questions that you get asked will be asked again.  Especially if your product really is going to be popular.

Next – ask your friends to tell their friends.  This is where the networking begins.  If you have an affiliate program, make your first customers (even your beta testers) affiliates.  They will be the first raving fans to get you traffic.  You should also get testimonials from those raving fans as soon as possible, because the more people are talking good stuff about your product, the better your product will do (social proof at work).

I use Rapid Action Profits (RAP) to set up my products, because as a person purchases the product, the script tells them about your affiliate program and how they can make money by telling others about it.  Quickly getting more people promoting your product is always a positive step.

Third – Start driving traffic using natural (organic) traffic from the search engines and links on other people’s websites.  Again, this is a very time consuming process, but if you do a little each day, you will get a lot of positive results.  The best part about this is that your results will grow exponentially instead of just a little at a time, because each tactic you use will interact with the other and cause a stronger effect than if each was done alone.

One of the best, high speed tactics is creating a Squidoo lens (one per day) and a Hub Page (one per day) about one aspect of your product and always link to your product’s sales page from the lens and hub.  After 14 days, you will have 28 links pointing to your salespage and google will be ranking your content very high unless you are being spammy.  You want to make sure you are delivering good relevant content, because people will not care about your product if you are identified as a spammy individual.

It is beyond the scope of this article to tell you everything I know about generating traffic, because it would take longer than I have at this time to write it and it would be an ebook rather than an article.   But with a little work each day, you will begin to see results that can translate into dollar signs in a short time.

Want to know more, check out some of the Traffic Resources I use:

Have an amazing day!


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