I’ve just finished reading a report called “How I Legally Stole $70,000 From An Internet Guru By Using the Step-By-Step ‘Under the Radar’
P.O.G formula!”

You can download it here:


However what I want you to do is pay *CLOSE* attention to the ingenius marketing going on ‘behind the scenes’

Download the report and see the marketing wizardry at work…

(Pages 1- 2. He lures and captivates the reader in)

(Pages 3 – 5. He then builds in the PROOF elements and starts associating himself with you and the reader)

(Page 7- ┬áHe talk’s about his P.O.G formula which made him $70,000+ revenue from a tiny investment.)

It’s free and better than many reports you pay for!



Micheal Savoie

P.S. If you’re wondering what the mystery “P.O.G” formula is that made him $70,000 you’ll find out inside the report.


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