I am already getting tired of the emails that I am getting about Stompernet’s relaunch!

It is a great product, that will help the people that put it to use. But therein lies the rub.

Over 80% of the people who spent $800 per month for the training on Stompernet never even put up a website. So that leaves the rest of us wide open for this relaunch, because there is still little competition in the marketplace. Most of the competitors are people who are just throwing up websites, with no training whatsoever. Slinging mud against the wall and hoping some of it sticks.

But Stompernet is training that can guarantee you results – but you have to do the work! Once you learn something, you need to do something with it! Which is why a great majority of the people who signed up for Stompernet last time didn’t become instant millionaires. I guess a lot of them thought that someone would do the work for them.

I am not promoting Stompernet. Instead, I am going to give you the affiliate links of some of my mentors in this business. Their bonuses are good, and you will benefit from the training you will get on Stompernet if you put it into practice. Now I am willing to help anyone who asks for it, and if you want someone to become your motivator, to get you to take action, I will gladly do it. I will charge $100 per month, but I will call you once a week and give you email access to me, so that you can send me your targeted goals for the week. If you don’t email me the plan, you will get a phone call reminding you that you need to submit the plan. If you don’t make any progress during the week, we can discuss how to break through the barriers that are preventing you from getting past a certain point.

You don’t have to do this alone, and I am willing to be the boot that kicks you into high gear! If you decide you want this, just leave a comment and I will email you the link to sign up!

With that said, here are the links to Stompernet from my friends and mentors:

So you should have seen something here that makes you want to click and buy Stompernet. If not, I do have some products you may want to check out.

Ross Goldberg just released a Video Uploading Program that sits on your desktop and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. The initial price is a little steep $4700.00, but you save so much money in the long run. And you can make that back right away in the mountains of traffic you will get.

Ok, I know, nobody in their right mind would buy a $4700 piece of software unless it came over to your house and dropped a bag of cash on your front step. But how about $47? Ross is practically giving this away and you will see how much work it saves you getting your videos online getting traffic back to you!

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