Product creation is not that hard.  It takes some knowledge on a particular niche, a format to put that knowledge into and a way to get it out to the people who are searching for that information.  But often, one lacking ingredient kills more products than any other: time.

When creating products, planning out your time is crucial.  When you do not plan time well, you feel busy, but you do not ever accomplish anything.  This morning I had roughly an hour to get stuff done, but since I had not written done my task list before bed, I wasted most of my hour reading emails, trying to sign up for a membership site and sending a help desk ticket when I was unable to sign up.

I did finally get focused after I ate breakfast, and was able to get a blog comment  done and then I wrote this post.  But had I taken the time last night before I went to bed and written out my tasks that needed to be accomplished before I left the house to go to the eye doctor, I would have gotten much more accomplished.

Ross Goldberg showed me this really cool website for planning out projects and mapping out your day.  It is called and it lets you create a process map on the fly.  I have used it a couple of times and each time I got so much more work done, even after investing 15 minutes to half an hour on the map itself.

Outsourcing jobs that you either do not like or do not do well is worth every penny, especially if it is a job that is worth only a few dollars an hour, since a completed product selling on the web is worth hundreds of dollars an hour to you.  if you don’t have the cashflow to hire people to do the job for you, trade something you are good at with the person who is good at what you need from them.  You can trade copywriting for web design or graphics for transcription.  Or you can offer the person a portion of the profits in return for their assistance.

The thing you need to remember is that once you have your tasks mapped out, you can easily see what you need to do yourself and what needs to be done by others.  That is when you start to see results, because you will get so much more finished.

So managing one’s time can greatly make your products of higher quality and you will find that you can crank out more products more quickly, because your productivity increases.   One last thing I must stress is that you should work one project all the way through to completion before you start on a new one, because multitasking just means that you are ignoring more projects at the same time.

Have an amazingly productive day!


PS – Mark Hendricks is one of the people who has taught me a lot about time management.  He showed me how to take a sheet of paper and plan out the entire week, and divide your day into business, family and personal time, because balance is the key to success, not money!

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