I make a lot of my online income from product sales. So I am not going to tell you that you shouldn’t buy anything, but you should look at what you are buying in relationship with your business goals.

Here is why.

One common practice among people selling products in introducing an artificial need, so that you have to have that product. Then when you have purchased it, you realize that you didn’t really need it. Great sales letters will make people buy even if they have no intention of using the product.

I would love to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single campaign, but my conscience would keep me up at night. I have one member of my list that emailed me to tell me that his home was in foreclosure and that he didn’t think he could buy the product I was promoting.

That hit me hard.

I have had troubles in my life, but being homeless is one I hope to never experience. I am afraid of financing large purchases because I don’t want to get in financial hot water like I did when I moved to Florida in the late ’80s early ’90s. Back then I was MLM man, I thought I could overcome everything by just continuing to promote the MLM I was a part of. And everything crumbled around me and I ended up declaring bankruptcy.

I learned a tough lesson then. Just because everything in the future looks bright, you have to plan your now. Make a spending plan and a business plan. Your business plan is what you compare your spending plan to. You decide where your business will be going – selling dog products to people in the USA, using a blog to gather leads (for example). So anything not related to lead management, community building, dog product related and of course business management related should not be on your list of things to buy. Joel Comm’s Instant Resale Templates is definitely out of the picture for you. That is not what you want for that type of business. Now you would benefit from buying Joel’s templates for your blog, but not the resale portion of the business. But hundreds of people will be offering those, including me, because I am creating a membership site with blog training and tools. This fits in my business model.

Instant Article Wizard Pro is also a great product for people who blog. This is one of those tools that gathers up the research for you based on keywords and practically writes the whole thing for you. Only a little editing is required. You can crank out content on your favorite niche topic continuously, without worrying about duplicate content, since you are rewording the information that you researched. But if your business model does not include writing articles or ebooks, then don’t spend your money on this tool!

The Enterprise Email Service software from Ian Del Carmen is an amazing script that gives you the power to become the next gmail or hotmail! But don’t expect this to be a cakewalk… You will need to be ready to shell out extra money for a dedicated server, an extra IP address for your mailer, and you should be prepared to spend time answering spam complaints. I don’t want to discourage you, because if your business model is to create a strong bonded community, this is something that you will absolutely need! You can have everyone in your dog training community using your email service with email addresses like bubba@ilovemydog.com or herbert@ifeedmydogorganicfood.com and they are advertising your domain! Again, this is something that is terrific for the business that is beginning to grow, and they are adding a dedicated server and want the added revenue streams that advertising on the webmail pages or in the emails themselves can bring. What if each email your members send has a link at the bottom that says My dog is healthy because of Charlie’s Organic Dog Vitamins, get yours, too!

My readers are a smart group, and thank God, they don’t buy everything I recommend, although I was worried when I saw the same names purchasing a good number of my product recommendations in a row. Don’t get me wrong, the money is nice, but I care about my readers and I want them to buy only when the product fits within their goals.

Since everyone is on my list that gets my recommendations, I heartily invite you to email me anytime you wonder if a product will fit into your business model or if it will distract from your current goals. I want to help, I don’t want to be the guy who hides behind a support staff and waits for the commissions to come rolling in. I have cried at some of the emails I have received and I have prayed with and for some of my subscribers to help them through situations. I have even sent mailings or set up ad campaigns on some of my highly trafficked sites to help them drum up some extra money for situations.

Greed is a terrible thing in this business. It takes people from the caring entrepreneur and turns them into the promo machines that inundate our inboxes. Some of my favorite marketers are an email and a phone number away most of the time. People like Mark Hendricks, Ken McArthur, Joe Clayton, Ross Goldberg and Todd Gross can be reached rather easily. And they care about what is being offered to their subscribers. I have learned this from them, that I have a responsibility to my readers and subscribers to warn them about the pitfalls of some of the products out there and also to offer assistance when possible. One of the bonuses I offered for the Enterprise Email Service was installation of the script on their servers, because I know how complicated it can be to set up a script.

Your reputation is your prime product. You sell yourself on a daily basis, and that is why people buy from you, or run from you. I have had people tell me my blunt manner is not very good customer service and I have to agree, but I did develop an intolerance for stupidity from working in the retail sector for over 16 years. You wonder what the heck people have between their ears, sometimes. So my bluntness is seen as a little harsh. I am working on improving that, and I hope that you will forgive me ahead of time for the sins that I may commit in the future. I will do my best for my readers, subscribers and customers. After all, without you, I am just another blogger.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Speaking of blogging…lol… I have some products that you may want to check out if you want to have your own blogs. In fact one of those products is for people who want to host other people’s blogs. It is a video training series on WordPress MultiUser (WPMU), and it shows you how to configure your WPMU so that your Adsense ads will show up on the sites of all of your community (wow, this is a great tie in with the Enterprise Email Service… but only if this fits in with your business plans). You don’t have to use Adsense, by the way, and you could potentially offer some of the Adsense Templates to your members, or sell the templates and give them a membership in your blog community. But WordPress MultiUser is another resource intensive product, and if you decide to go this route, you will need a good amount of server space and lots of bandwidth. So if you think this is a good fit with your business model, get the WPMU Video Training Series to help you set it up.

I am also offering a video training series on Creating An Ecommerce Site Using WordPress. Why pay for expensive scripts? You can use free programs like WordPress and a few plugins and you can have a full fledged ecommerce site to sell all of your product creations. No matter what niche, you can find a template that fits your needs to make a pretty site and then start making money with it.

I have a Video Training 3 Pack that will interest those who want to create their own membership sites. The courses I cover in this 3 Pack are:

  1. Volume 1 – Create Your Own Membership Site Using WordPress

  2. Volume 2 – Create Your Own Membership Site Using Joomla

  3. Volume 3 – Creating Websites Using KompoZer (Free WYSIWYG HTML Software)

This one is priced way too low, and I will be removing it really soon, once my blogging school is complete.  I will be adding all of the WordPress videos to the blogging school and will charge a monthly or annual fee.

So thank you for taking the time to read, recommend me to your friends, and as always I welcome your comments.  If you sign up for my RSS feed, you can be alerted each time I write about something else!

Have an amazing day!


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