I saw something really cool during a workshop a couple of weeks ago.

A father and son were discussing marketing principles, and the son was
giving pointers to his father.  You see, the son was none other than
Keith Wellman, the list building expert who took the Internet World by
storm in 2006 with his List FX product launch.

Jeff Wellman, the proud father of Keith, had watched his son’s internet
obsession become his  ticket to financial freedom, and now Jeff was
taking notes.  He had built a large affiliate marketing business, and
with the help of Keith, was in the final stages of a new product that
will make it possible for many of us to Layoff Our Boss!

I was there when Jeff picked the brains of some of the top marketing
minds that were attending the workshop.  Harris Fellman, Heather
Vale, Simon Leung and more were being grilled by Jeff with cameras
capturing everything.  Heather commented that she hadn’t spilled
that much information for anyone before.

I stood back and watched with awe as this father and son team put
together a product that is launching to rave reviews!  Every aspect
of the product creation checklist were being done at this workshop.

First – the brainstorming sessions of Keith and Jeff over a few Red
Bulls in the Restaurant.  Jeff and Keith were both writing furiously
as they came up with their ideas.

Next – the networking, as Jeff and Keith met with the marketers
in the room and requested a chance to put them in front of the
camera or a microphone.

The following day, Jeff had a camera crew set up and he brought
each of his victims in for a strong arm session of questions and
answers under the hot lights.  His strategy was simple, keep the
tape rolling while he had them under those bright lights and he
asked them question after question.  It was cool to see the
determination on Jeff’s face, as he extracted the most guarded
secrets of these marketing geniuses!

Get Layoff Your Boss today while the price is so low!  I heard
Jeff and Keith’s planning and the price is slated to go up as soon
as the buzz dies down about this launch!

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Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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