I had a chance to become a JV launch partner for Opt-in Accelerator.

The software is nothing short of amazing.

But what the hell are they thinking?

Let me explain.  This software, it tells a buying customer or a newly signed up opt-in to tell all your friends about this, and then it says “Just fill in your gmail username and password, and then fill in your AOL username and password, then do the same with hotmail and yahoo mail.  What does it do with that?  It goes through and sends each of those people an email about the special report or the website or the product.

I am getting 75% more email from people I never heard of because I am in the address book of someone who bought that product!   Who cares if I never get emails from that person usually, all of a sudden xcorp is emailing me because Jim Bob just downloaded their free report on how to make beer at home and they wanted to tell me about this beer making method, too!

Enough is e-freaking-nough!

Yes, the guy who wrote the program is a genius, and I have seen it in operation on websites like Shelfari and other social networking sites, but where will it end if every moron buys this software and installs it on their porn site or their buy drugs from India sites?

I am all for adding tools to help build a list, but forGod’s sake, think about whose hands you are putting this into before you go having a big product launch about it.  I just got an email about this from some people I very much care about and they made it sound like I won’t ever make any money online if I don’t use it.

Well, screw it, I sure as hell don’t want to make money online if I end up pissing everyone off who gets emails from my website when they have absolutely no interest in the topic of my website.

I would make a video where I shout and say “leave me alone, leave my precious inbox alone!” But it is late and my kids are in bed already. Well, one of them is.  But you know what, it doesn’t matter.  People will make a buck from the sale of irresponsible tools, because like they say… guns don’t kill people, morons kill people with guns… or morons get killed because they walked in front of a gun… or something like that.  Do you think that maybe I am a little ticked off?

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – If I were a typical Buzz Marketer, I would find a way to add an affiliate link to the product here, so that if you still didn’t agree, you could go and buy it from me.  But I am serious.  You want to perpetuate the bad reputation that Internet Marketing is getting about us being spammers?  Then buy Optin Accelerator…

But if you want to make a statement… leave a comment here!

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