Beware this news… don’t pass it over lightly.

Affiliate marketers could end up having to be certified
to be allowed to promote certain products!

Of course Super Affiliates would love to see this happen…
less competition!

If affiliate managers decide to do this, everyone who wants
to make good money will have to go through the training!
I am not taking any chances and I am signing up for the
Affiliate Classroom waiting list now to make sure I get a
chance to sign up and to give $1 to the children’s education

They had reached their goal of raising $20,393 for
charity but have just decided to increase their goal
to $30,000 for educating children in need!

How Can You Help?

You can help them reach their goal by getting your
Free Report and Episodes and they will donate $1 in
your name.

Just go here – no catch!

They have already released Episode 1 of their free
Case Study and it has received 564+ comments
on the blog!

These case studies show you how to maximize the value
of your site and even create a steady revenue stream with
just some simple tweaks!

Don’t make the mistake of leaving money behind that
your site could be earning you:

You honestly have nothing to lose! You don’t have to enter
any credit card info or anything and here is what you get:

– Case Study Episode 1 on the “Opt-In Wizard” Makeover!

– Case Study Episode 2 on the “Easy Blogging” Makeover!

– Case Study Episode 3 on the “Sneaky Review” Makeover!

– Templates & Traffic Magnet Report – FREE!

– 1 HOUR “POWER” WEBINAR with their Makeover Students!

The webinar already has 2,213+ people signed up and I don’t
know when they will be capping it off – but it will be soon and I
want you to be in there!

I can’t wait to check out the rest of the Episodes!

I am giving people access to my traffic report without
having to opt-in to my list, just for signing up to the Affiliate
Classroom training list. This is definitely a cause worth

More free stuff:

New Web 2.0 properties! It doesn’t get much
better then this . . .

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – CB Pirate has sold over 1000 copies:

See, no pirate voice or anything…

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