Your business is something you should not take lightly. So
when I tell you about a new product, I am only going to tell
you about the ones that I believe in.

I will also try and help you with the decision. I do not want to
make a commission on a product if you will not be able to
pay the rent or feed your kids.

With that said, a lot of my readers ask me what products are
good for their business. So let me tell you about the products
that are launching today.

SMMS – Social Media Money System

Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss are the real deal. They really
do what they teach and they can bring home money like
a carpenter brings splinters home.

What do you think of my new redirector domain?

I am offering a bonus for Ryan and Perry’s product of
my monthly coaching program for free for as long as
you remain a member of their program.

Why do I offer that as a bonus? Because I am more
approachable than Perry and Ryan, so that you can ask
me questions and get answers quickly. Remember that
I have been studying this stuff from all the top marketers,
and I am able to get the answers to almost any question
from my experience, or at least from a quick call…

So you can claim your bonus by opening a ticket at

The Rhodes Brothers are releasing their Membership
Blueprint today, too, and they promise to have you making
6 figures using their formula. They do know their
membership software, and if you are looking for a
great way to turn your niche into a monthly cash cow,
then their program is the way to go.

As a bonus, I will give you one video sales page made
just for you, to use to sell your membership site that you
create from using their program. This is a $197 value.

Get Membership Blueprint here at noon!

So you can claim your bonus by opening a ticket at

Now the toughest decision is what Keith Wellman
just did. He announced that he had 40 openings for
Easy Sales Formula, the program that taught me
how to do the Video Skinning Project!

With one of those 40 slots, you will be able to do your
own Video Sales Pages, and save the $197 each that
I usually charge to do one for my clients.

Buy Easy Sales Formula from my link and get free
access to my next 5 Day Business Challenge (price
$250) where I will help you build your business on
steroids… This one is a lot of work condensed into
five days. The good part is you know that after 5 days
you can catch your breath and the traffic net we have
created will still be bringing you visitors.

Find out about it here:

So you can claim your bonus by opening a ticket at

Talk to me… if you want a different bonus, let me know.
Maybe I can work something out.

Have an interesting day!


PS – You want the video skinning project instead?

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