Eric Holmlund just broke new ground by making product creation history!  In a 90 minute presentation, he harnessed the power of a roomful of master marketers and got each one of us to give him one or more tips about joint ventures.  So 72 people submitted their best tips and Eric made everyone split up into groups.

One of the groups compiled the tips into an ebook, another group created a sales page, another created the download page and everyone added bonuses to the download page.  It was an incredible experience!  Joel Comm was watching everything via an Internet connection from Colorado, waiting for us to finish so he could email his list…

So we finished the product, and we sent the email out to our respective lists.  Before the 90 minute presentation was over, we had cash hitting our paypal accounts.  The name of the product we created is Instant JV Secrets and we are making it so unbelievably full of value that people are buying without even thinking about it!  Over $5000 in bonuses have been added to the download page!

Click here to buy Instant JV Secrets today!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Leave your own tips for joint ventures (along with your website link) by submitting a comment here!  That way, when I send my customers to this blog after they purchase Instant JV Secrets, they will get an even bigger bonus!

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