I got off a great call with Alejandro Reyes from and on my Blogging With Micheal Show. On the show, we talked about providing value to your community without looking for a reward. I hope I am doing that for you. Please leave me comments to let me know how I can best serve my community!

Launch Minus Two Bonuses

Marketing Main Event 4 Launched this morning amid server crunching traffic and 2,000 emails to my inbox from Ian Del Carmen (how did I subscribe to so many of his lists?) offering half a million dollars in bonuses! All I am offering my list is 200,000 traffic exchange credits at Traffic Exchange and another 200,000 credits if they buy the upsell.

You can sign up for an account there for free and get 2000 credits, plus you get credits each time I send out an email(you have to click on the link in the email)!

Howie Schwartz just launched his IMRemarkable Coaching Program and I am announcing a massive bonus for that one:

OR you can choose a cruise ticket on the Marketers Cruise.

Finally the Formula 5 Course from Stompernet is relaunching at 3PM this afternoon! I am not sure yet what bonus to offer. Please contact me before purchasing to see if I have something you might like.

Much more is going on, but I have to get prepared for my next call: at 2PM Eastern. You can watch it live on

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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