RAPScript.com is celebrating the release of version 3.1 with
a $50 price reduction for one week only!

Sid Hale, the creator of the RAPScript, has unveiled the new
version and it promises to be even more exciting than the
previous version. It is so new, that I am still awaiting the
chance to upgrade my installations with it.

In fact Sid just sent out the emails to all the previous owners
of RAPScript that we should alert everyone that 3.1 is ready,
because he just flipped the switch on the script… so most of
us will be upgrading our installations this afternoon!

But Here is the link with the coupon code embedded for you:

Here is a list of some of the NEW features of the RAPScript:

1. The ability to create a zero dollar Coupon Code ($0.00)
allows RAP owners to give an existing front-end product
away, but still register the ownership. The order button
is automatically replaced by a registration form.

This feature allows you to create a “freebie” from any
existing product, and can be a great way to do a special
promotion, or a product launch.

2. RAP product owners can create a custom Payment Page for their
customers when they get to Paypal.

There are a number of things they can customize, but the most
important is the ability to supply a custom header image for
the Paypal payment page. For instance, they might put their
site header at the top of the page.

3. The RAP Admin now includes an interface to the Three
Pillars Helpdesk system (for those who use this).

The RAP Admin Dashboard can alert them to new helpdesk tickets
– and open their helpdesk window as an overlay INSIDE their
RAP Admin area!

4. Automatically Cloaked URL’s for affiliates! Using the new
scrnch.me service, RAP-driven affiliate tools pages will now
include a cloaked URL for affiliates to use. It’s right in
the affiliate tools page, and it’s automatic!

I don’t know of any other affiliate program today that
automatically provides affiliates with a cloaked link.

5. Import Affiliates and/or JV partners from a flat file.
RAP product ownerss can extract their affiliates from an
existing affiliate program, and upload them directly into
their RAP database.

I am excited about the ability to provide $0 coupons, since
this makes it easy to provide bonuses for other promotions
without having to reduce the security of your download area
by providing an unsecured link.

And for the next 7 days you get it for $50 off!


As a bonus, I will install the script for you on your server.
Just fill out a support ticket at
with your receipt information and the cpanel information
for your domain and I will get your RAPScript installed.

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Tuesday is a big day! Get ready to tune in to Blogging With Micheal
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Finally at 9PM I will be on Ustream for the Summer Of Rich Media
All in all it will be an awesome week, but Tuesday will
really kick it into gear!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Tell me what bonus you would like for the IMRemarkable
Launch. I am thinking that coaching would be good, but if you
think of something else you would like, let me know before
Monday Evening!

Any time you need to contact me, use this link:


PPS – If you want the payment plan for the RAPScript,
just go to http://rapscript.com

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