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When Internet marketers hold launches and launch contests, things get rather crazy! You may have noticed the flurry of extra emails going out for Easy Sales Formula today, and how the frenzy got even more urgent as the night progressed!

Keith Wellman announced a 24 hour contest for the JV partners, so now everyone is vying for a top spot to win one of the prizes! It will be definitely interesting to see how many more emails will go out about this. Seems to me that people would have purchased early in the day yesterday, but Keith tells me that sales are going strong. I am just three more sales shy of winning a prize, so I will have to bribe some folks on my list as well…

I feel bad for them, too, because I was relentless in my promotion of this launch, and I didn’t want to let Keith down, when it seemed like nobody was visiting the site from my link but right after work yesterday, a lot of people finally got my emails, because sales just exploded after 6PM Eastern.

Want to get my bonus? I am creating a Video Workshop teaching about the important parts of a sales page that cannot be left out if you want to make sales! This video workshop will be available as Private Label Rights for the first 50 people who choose it as their bonus for purchasing Easy Sales Formula from my link!

Now I gave people a second choice…
Since I announced that I am going to be creating Video Sales Pages based on the Video Skinning model that Keith teaches in the course, a lot of people have decided that they want that as their bonuses instead of the Private Label Rights to the Easy Selling Success Workshop. So if people have already purchased the Video Skinning Project Package, they can get their purchase doubled if they buy Easy Sales Formula from my link. I will create one Video Skinning Project Sales Page for all those who choose it as their bonus for purchasing Easy Sales Formula from my link!

The Ninja Goes Back In Hiding

I need to give you the heads up about the CPA Ninja course shutting down tomorrow!

Just a quick note to let you know that no matter what

happens, we’re closing CPA Ninja  down TOMORROW . . .

Matt and I knew that CPA Ninja was going to be a hit. But
NOTHING like this . . .

We got *crushed* on launch day and have been watching
copies of the course fly out the door ever since . . .

In fact, right now we’ve just got a few measly copies of
CPA Ninja left . . . and we want to make sure they go to
“the right” people . . .

So if you’re *serious*  about making great money online the
simple way . . . and to do so without having to create
products, write sales copy or even really SELL anything
(every time I say that, it sounds kind of crazy . . . just
one of the reasons I love CPA Marketing.) . . .

 Then you’ll want to head over to right now and grab your
copy while you can . . .

We probably *will* release more copies of CPA Ninja in the
future . . .

But…when we do we’re going to ratchet up the price at
least 50% . . . and take away the cool bonuses from Jeff
Schwerdt and Amish Shah (the young punk who makes $100k a

Special Bonus From The $100k A Day Man
Oh, just in case you missed this, we’ve added an awesome
bonus from Amish Shah to CPA Ninja . . .

Amish is usually a pretty private guy . . . Matt and I were
shocked that he agreed to do that video with us in the
first place . . .

But something must have “clicked” in Amish’s head, because
he’s letting us GIVE you a full hour long video he recorded
at an exclusive CPA Seminar.

This is high level “Ninja” stuff here where Amish reveals a
lot of the private details of his business . . .how he
chooses offers to promote . . . how he negotiates with
brokers . . . the little tweaks he does that turn “Loser”
campaigns into massive winners . . . how he gets hot
traffic by IGNORING keyword research . . .
And a whole lot more.
Honestly, if you watch this video BEFORE going through the
CPA Ninja course, it won’t make any sense at all . . .
But after you’ve gone through the training and started to
really “Dig deep” into CPA . . . this video will open your
eyes to just how much money you can make . . . even if you
never “sell” anything online again . . .
How much is this video worth?
Gahh. I know I’m supposed to put the whole “$x” value thing
here . . . but this one is TOUGH.
Amish almost NEVER speaks in public, and when he does he
charges a bare MINIMUM of $10k a head . . . (and people pay
that gladly because they know how much more they’re going
to make when they listen to him.)
Just know that this stuff is REALLY valuable . . . and it’s
“on us” if you grab one of the last few available copies of
CPA Ninja.
The clock is ticking =-)

Marty Rozmanith and Matt Trainer
P.S. Even if you’re not sure if you’re ready to invest in
CPA Ninja, head over to
and check out the sales letter. There’s a really funny
story in there about how we created this crazy thing in the
first place. =-)

They will also be pulling this software that really does what they say it does!

Short version . . .

This software tells you INSTANTLY . . .

* If a niche is a “money niche” or a complete wast of time . . .
* Just how much MONEY your competitors are making in a niche and how much you can expect to *steal* when you come in and dominate it . . .
* How to optimize your landing page to snag massive conversions . . .

All at the click of a button.

It’s cool “ninja” level stuff, and it’s yours free (it normally cost about $150 bucks). . .
It’s good stuff that will make you money . . . and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Check it out at

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – If you went to this page and couldn’t find the
order button, I have a little secret for you…

The order button doesn’t appear until 11 minutes
into the video (after he reveals the price).

Watch the video here:

Don’t forget to choose one of my bonuses,
either the Easy Selling Success Private Label
Rights or the Video Sales Pages Done For You.

Hurry before it sells out:

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