This is nuts!, so listen up and read every word here.

Yesterday I sent you a link to this Affiliate Punisher dude and just what I thought might happen did happen.

How To Make Money With The Useppa Mastermind Group In Florida

The case study you saw shocked a ton of people and now everyone is up in arms.

Now, if you didn’t check out the video yesterday you can get it here…

Now what’s happening is the Affiliate Punisher is releasing a shocking audio to prove what you just saw in yesterdays video.

To be quite frank with you, I listened to the audio and it blew me away.

Before he reveals the Affiliate Punisher System to you and how simple it actually is to implement, he wants you to listen to this shocking audio of one of his top students and friend for life, who brought in over $2,178,000 in 181 Days using the Affiliate Punisher System.

At the end of listening to the audio you should scroll down the page and… well I don’t want to spoil it for you but he’s got a solution that you should take him up on 😉

Ok so I’ll keep this short, hit the link and listen to the shocking live audio, complete with screw ups. I thought, well, at least he won’t be charging us for his editing bill… lol!

Listen to the audio and get ready so you can punish the search engines using web 2.0 as your weapon of choice.

WordPress 2.8 Hits The Scene!

If you have not upgraded your blog to WordPress 2.8 yet, I would wait another week to give the plugin team a chance to get caught up, because a lot of plugins have taken a turn for the worse!

If you want to get the heads up on how to upgrade your blog quickly and easily, sign up for My Blogging School while I have it reduced to $67 for the first month. I have an annual option where you can get one extra year for $97 (you save a bundle compared to the $27 per month) and whenever a new version comes around, I will show you what to do to get your blog updated.

I recommend you get hosting at Host Gator through my link at so you can get unlimited bandwidth and diskspace for less than a Big Mac Meal a month!

That is all I have for Product In A Weekend, make sure you leave me some comments about whatever you have questions about! And tell your friends!


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