My feelings on this subject have gone in both directions. I think we are doing a disservice to our subscribers by participating in giveaways, but I also see that the people with the huge lists from doing so many giveaways are making money… The question has to be how can they continue being profitable if it hurts their subscriber base?

The answer appears to be that it does not hurt. You obviously can’t continue to beat people with sales message after sales message once they are on your list, but you still have the task of training your new subscribers to buy from you and you alone, which can be a tough task.

The newest giveaway to arrive is The Apprentice Giveaway, and it is launching on June 22, so if you have some products that you would like to give to help increase your list size, then you should definitely sign up as a contributor.

The thing to remember when you are offering a product to a giveaway, you had better have giveaway rights to the product. Now if your product is one you created, obviously that is the best, because you determine the rights to it. But often you will see people giving PLR or MRR products that they have no business giving away because the rights license says that you may not give the product away!

This gets you into potential legal problems, plus the Warrior Forum will spank your reputation into oblivion for giving away something that you don’t have the rights to. Your best bet is to create a product, write a report, record a video (how to do a task) or an audio and that way you are giving away something that has a high value, plus it shows the people who download it that you are an ethical person to deal with.

Warning: Prepare To Be Punished!

Peter Parks (not to be confused with Peter Parker) is launching something that promises to make a lot of action takers a lot of money! While his name sounds a lot like a super hero, the product name he has chosen is also one of a Super Hero!
He’s been underground forever making BANK and it looks like he’s going to RUFFLE some feathers in the marketing community.

Believe me this guy is a *crazy, underground never-before-revealed* marketer that has been quietly (well not any more) making Bank and been sought out by some of the biggest marketers
online who have forced him to put up or shut up.

(BTW he did stick his head out recently in 2008 making $25K in 4 hours playing PS3 using
Mass Control, and he is one of Frank Kerns students)

(Also he was one of the featured guest in a product called Rat Race Annihilation)

So you know he’s pretty hot and can deliver the goods to you 😉


It’s true. This is what this marketer is claiming, (oh by the way he calls himself the Affiliate Punisher, catchy I like it) He says you’re going to learn how to take full advantage of web 2.0 and build a list on autopilot but more importantly your going to learn how to profit with that list for life as a super affiliate…

(he calls it the free money for life model)

And he’s going give  you a blueprint on how he gave his secrets away to some of his students and one of his students used the Affiliate Punisher System and kick-butt techniques to (check this out)… get 22,000 customers in 181 days and… $2,178,000.00!

Check it out here, it’s sizzling:

This ‘Affiliate Punisher’ is going to be releasing his system full of videos, process maps and pdf’s in a day or two about how he does all this ninja stuff, so be sure to keep an eye out.

I don’t usually like to tell my readers to subscribe to other peoples’ newsletters, but come on, he is going to give you a lot of great information that will help you… and I am sure that he will return the favor some day!

I am playing around with the idea that I might offer a cruise ticket to those who buy this product from me. If you are interested in this, leave a comment, and if I get enough comments, I will offer a cruise ticket bonus.

What Else Is Going On?

Since I had everything ready to drive to Washington DC, I found out my truck needs some additional work before it will be safe to take me to jvAlert Live.  So I may have to miss it.

Unless I can get 29 more people to buy this Emergency Deal that I put together with the help of some of my fellow marketers. If you want to help, send people to the page, I have to finish the repairs to the truck today, or I will miss the first day of jvAlert Live.

WTH – WTF – You Talking About Needing Money… Mr. Product In A Weekend?

Calm down… I am not broke, not planning on getting a JOB (shudder) any time soon…

Look, I once went through a course that taught that you don’t spend money you don’t have, because you put yourself into bondage (get your mind out of the gutter) with the person you owe the money to.

Prime example – Chrysler and General Motors borrowed money from the Federal Government. They are now under the thumb of the Secretary of the Treasury… he is now looking at selling them off – in fact Fiat just bought Chrysler. Ford did not accept any gov’t bailout money and is on the road to recovery!

So rather than borrow from all the people who asked, I decided it would be better for me to just use my marketing prowess to succeed or fail without going into debt, and still able to work within my means.  I would really love to be in Washington DC for the networking dinner. But I have accepted the fact that I will be eating with my honey here in the house (Torelli’s Pizza is amazing pizza, if you live near Beverly Hills, Florida, you should go there for a hand tossed Monster 28″ Pizza! 249-1000). But I still can make it to the event if my sales page converts, and if the insane amounts of traffic promised by my friends comes through… less than 250 visitors to the page so far, so I am not worried about the conversion yet.

I will not be one of those people who will tell you to max out your credit cards to attend an event, buy a product or get coaching. Unless you are a massive action taker who can make things happen with what you learn, I do not recommend charging anything to your credit cards unless you have the income to cover it.

That is why I am still here.

I have business projects that are using my current cashflow, and if I spend extra without already replacing it somewhere else, I am being reckless with the money I have been entrusted with.

Sorry about the semon, I got to hear a lot of good ones in the conference I recorded last week. Which reminds me, I was going to offer a DVD course on how to create a product from Conference Recordings To Delivery Of Finished Product! If you are interested in this, leave a comment. It will sell for $197 when completed (July 31) but you can pre-purchase it for $97 right here!

Only $97 For DVD Creation Training Course

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