What is ClickBank Quantum? It is a joint venture between the Day Job Killer team and Affiliate Master Andrew Fox to reveal the way that they have absolutely MASTERED Clickbank marketing.


You can grab this and get my bonuses by going to Crosb.com

What will you get with CB Quantum?

My sources inside the CBQ camp tell me that the main package is off the hook! Here is what they will reveal to you:

Inside the CB Quantum system, you will discover how:

* A 35 year-old woman who was able to launch her first ever Clickbank ebook in just 2 weeks (working part-time)…the ebook grossed over $300,000 in the first month of release.

* A real answer to the painful problem of how to outsource the writing of your own Clickbank product. Not just ‘advice’ on how to do it – a ‘copy and paste’ template you can actually use TODAY and profit almost immediately without you having to deal with any time-consuming issues.

* A super-simple template you can use now to avoid the hassle of writing your own Sales Letter. Who wants to spend months learning to become a copywriter. Just use our proven template and you’ll instantly start seeing money cascading straight into your Clickbank account before you can say “where did all this money come from?”

* One secret method of writing emails that eliminates the need to even type a single word yourself. Could there be an easy way to produce award-winning emails in mere minutes that will kick the hell out of anything all the other Marketers are doing…and make you serious cash hand over fist in record time.

* The “missing link” in your current online Marketing efforts. This could be the real reason you’re finding it almost impossible to make big money. Now for the first time you can get this rare secret in its full splendour.

* Our ‘Plug in and Play’ tool that makes “market research” as simple as falling off a log. Success rate: close to 100%. Almost everybody we gave this tool ended up using it to make thousands of dollars in cash, without spending months researching what market/niche to enter.

* A brand new sneaky method you’ve never heard of that you can use to create a product in just a few hours. This is so valuable that the people who have been lucky enough to test it don’t want us to ever release it to the public.

* The quickest, easiest way to create sales letters and other promotional material literally in the blink of an eye (say good-bye to the fear of writer’s block forever).

* Too much information from the Internet Marketing ‘gurus’ on “How To create your own Info-Products” is doing diddley-squat for your marketing goals. In fact it might even be the CAUSE of your failure.

What About A Bonus I Can USE?

So if you are purchasing CB Quantum from me

  • You will get a niche blog installed on your own domain (if you don’t have a domain or hosting – I will cover that for the first month)
  • Your blog will be hands free for one month… unless you choose one of the monthly options!
  • Freshly Written Niche Content for your blog – 16 blog posts AND 4 articles (1 per week) posted FOR YOU on your blog!
  • Articles submitted to article sites (one each week) with your blog link in the resource box. Great way to drive your blog to the top of the search engines!
  • Blog posts will contain photos, diagrams or videos to establish your blog as the authority for your niche.

Now this is the first month. If you want to keep it going, the regular price for HandsOffBlogging.com Super Membership is $497… but I have good news for you. CB Quantum has the ability to help you with different memberships.

  • Sign up for one and you will get a Basic Membership where you get either one article per week (submitted to directories one week and published on your blog as a 2 – 3 blog post series the following week) – if you want the Super Membership you would pay the difference ($300).
  • Sign up for two or more of these memberships and I will upgrade you to the higher levels all the way up to Super!
  • So get your CB Quantum NOW!

Then just open up a support ticket at http://replytomicheal.com so I can get you set up with my content network!

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