By now you have seen the videos.
You know that Michael Cheney delivers the goods.
But one thing remains… his Delta Squadron Live course.
Turns out he is giving it away for one dollar!
What kind of bonus do I give for you to get a $1 product from
Of course, you know the drill. This is going to have a forced continuity,
and if you decide to stick with it, you should get a reward.
I am setting up a new membership site. It will be a Marketers Training Hubwhere new marketers and old can share information and help each other.
I don’t know yet how much I want to charge for this membership, but I do know that by the time you make the first monthly payment for Delta Squadron Live‘s continuity program, it will be live!
I would like to give you a greater role in the formation of this membership site. How would you like to be part of the advisory board for MarketersTraining Hub? As an advisory board member, you would have access tothe site, plus, you would help in the choosing of products to promote, and share in the sales. In fact, you would have a partnership with me where you would make 100% commissions on the front end memberships you would be selling. You would also be getting 70% on the backend.
Why would I offer something like that?
Well, partly because I know that you are going to learn a lot from Michael Cheney if you get his course. Your input will be very valuable in the way we set up Marketers Training Hub. If I choose the smart people who have signed up for Michael’s program and stick with him, I will have a great group of people to help me with the design and promotion of the training hub.
Are you ready to climb on board?
At noon today, Michael Cheney will open the doors to Delta Squadron Live and offer it for $1! All you have to do if use my link to purchase it.
Then place your receipt info into a support ticket and I will give you the call info for the first set of planning calls for Marketers Training Hub. It is as simple as that. Make sure you give me your phone number and a good contact email, and even your skype address. This is going to be a partnership that will be lucrative for all involved.
Welcome to the team.
Micheal Savoie
PS – Let me know how I can help you achieve the next level in your business.
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